Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

I visited my grandma this evening. She said something that was so good, I asked her to repeat it so I could video tape it:

Please ignore the weird "yelp" sound I made when I was trying to quickly say "yep." I promise I don't usually bark my words.

It made me laugh, but as soon as I was done taping, her voice got choked up because she really meant what she said. It breaks her heart that I'm not married yet. You would think that would make me feel guilty or something but it doesn't. I know she's not trying to guilt me, she just wants me to be happy. Every time I visit her, I assure her that "I'm doing my best" and "there's still time." Both of which I'm pretty sure I believe.

Happy Wednesday!


Dana Burnette said...

Fran!!! I love this women, and you Elizabeth! You are so wonderful, I know you will find someone that complements you're awesomeness

Katherine said...

I agree with Dana! And Grandma is so sweet! I love that lady.

jules said...

I think your Grandma should know the sacrifice you are making by not getting married is to KEEP HER ALIVE FOREVER! :-)

Sara said...

I love what you wrote about her! Glad her hopes for you don't make you feel guilty, because you shouldn't feel guilty! You're wonderful and waiting so that the person you find to spend your life with is also wonderful is absolutely the right thing to do.

violet50 said...

She does love you and just wants you to be happy. She told me today that she was worried about me because I've been sick. It's nice to have a 93 year-old mother who still worries about me! We are both very blessed.