Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Other Weekend News

Besides trying to pretend I wasn't sick, I spent some time making hula hoops this weekend. I got an order for a 20 foot hoop! Unfortunately, it wouldn't work. When I held it up to my waist, the other side lay down on the ground. The tubing just wasn't strong enough. Here it is compared to the 12 footer (which is usually the largest size I make):

I ended up having to contact the person and talk them down to 16 feet. I'm dog-sitting for a sweet Chihuahua, who kept me company during the process:

Here are the finished hoops. I put a bunch of sugar in the larger one so it makes a nice "swish swish" sound as you twirl it around.

Once those were done, Ozzie and I cuddled up on the couch and watched some Duck Dynasty.You guys, what is up with that show? Do any of you watch it? It was the first time I'd ever seen it. It was equal parts funny and crazy. And it kinda made me wonder what squirrel tastes like.

Ozzie wasn't interested in Duck Dynasty at all. He was probably worried those guys would cook him up. I think his concerns are valid.


Mark said...

Do you get a different sound if you put salt or sand in the hoop?

I had a hula hoop as a kid and think it had bb's inside it.

Remember that church potluck several years ago and the casserole I brought? You know what squirrel tastes like.

Katherine said...

Ewwww...squirrel.... You're right about Ozzie, though - he's just the right size for a stew. Love the hoops!!!

katilda said...

Ummm how cute is it that you make hula hoops?? Love!

Brooke Romney said...

Wow. More and more talent! How cool.