Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

I spend far too much time thinking about the Jetsons and the things we still don't have that they had. The thing I covet the most is that machine that dumps George out of his bed in the morning onto a conveyor belt, takes him through the shower, blow dries his hair, dresses him, gives him his briefcase and sends him on his way. I need that. I need it bad.

Then there's that machine Judy and Elroy had that let you choose your dreams for the night. I want that too. I also want Rosie.

Guys, I'm going to be honest with you - I don't have a lot of "thoughts" today. It's been a drab, rainy, cold day. But the good news is there's a new Pysch on and I'm watching it right now. You should be too!

Happy Wednesday.


Savd said...

I'd love that Jetson morning machine! It's like a personal assistant, but without the small talk required! :)

violet50 said...

Ditto! I always laugh at movies/cartoons from the past that predicted that we'd have things like flying cars, etc. by now. I see flying cars on 696 but they're not quite off the ground yet. That's as close as we get.

Katherine said...

I want those things, too!!! Seriously. WHY don't we have those yet?