Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend highlights

I love Thanksgiving weekend. I always take Friday off to make it a nice long weekend. Usually I do the whole Black Friday thing but this year we didn't feel like it. I'm really turned off by the stores opening on Thanksgiving day. I did buy a griddle Friday afternoon though, on a Black Friday sale, and I was way too excited about that!

I also saw three movies in the theater this weekend: Skyfall (again), Life of Pi, and Lincoln. Skyfall is really fun. Life of Pi is terrifying but beautifully done. I'd read the book so I should have known how scary it would be. But I was caught off guard and had many nightmares that night! Still, it was stunningly beautiful and well acted. Lincoln was amazing. Have we had a better president than President Lincoln? I don't think so. The acting was amazing, and the sets were great. I'd highly recommend it.

Here are some pictures from my weekend:

On Thanksgiving morning, I did a turkey trot with a friend. It was a great way to start the day! It was my first ever turkey trot. I think I'll make this a tradition.

Later that day, after over indulging on Thanksgiving dinner, I went for a walk with my sister and some friends around my aunt and uncle's house. My friend Doug noticed a tree that was completely hollow and decided to climb in it! Why? I have no idea!


Oreo Delight

After that, we went inside and had our annual candy house making competition. I lost, but I feel pretty good about my creation. There was really no way I could compete with the winners (Doug and Dave) who made a two part candy house. It was truly impressive.

My candy house

The winning candy house

On Saturday I went to the Eastern Market - a farmers market in Detroit - with my sister Katherine, and my friend, Doug. We got some amazing deals. Check out these carrots I bought for a dollar! I asked the guy how he got them so big, and he said Viagra! Awkward!

There were some amazing musicians playing at the market too, including this real life Fred (Mary Poppins reference):

After the market, we went to the Russell Street Deli for lunch. It was my first time ever eating there because there is always a long line outside to get in. Let me just say: it was worth the wait. The food was amazing!! I got a BLT sandwich with pesto mayonnaise and avocado. I know it's very hipster of me to take a picture of my food, but wow. It was so good.

All in all, it was a good weekend. There were some negative aspects too, but I won't burden or bore you with those. There were many good things, and I will focus on those. I have a lot to be grateful for. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well!

And now it's officially the Christmas season - the happiest time of the year!


Katherine said...

You forgot to mention watching two Christmas movies to officially kick off the season! It was a really great weekend - I had a lot of fun and am NOT ready to go back to the real world!! Ah, well. Good memories to live off of and Christmas to look forward to!

violet50 said...

You managed, as always, to fit a lot of fun things into the long weekend! I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the movies at the theater and at home. Great food on Thanksgiving and since then - leftovers are great! Sleeping in is the best! Spending time with family was, too!

D said...

My six-year-old said during the most recent election, ”I wish I could vote for Abraham Lincoln.”

Sounds like you had a great weekend!