Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Last night, I was driving home from an appointment and I got a major ice cream craving. It was the kind of craving you just can't fight. So I decided to stop at Dairy Queen and get a small sundae. It was amazing. Have you guys tried their whipped cream? It tastes like marshmallow fluff! Anyway, after the sundae, I realized I was exhausted. It was still really early in the evening, so I figured I'd just "lay down" for an hour or so and rest. That's when I fell into an ice cream induced coma.

Suffice it to say, I slept for 11 hours last night. And it was awesome.

I did wake up for a one hour window somewhere in there, in which I was able to take care of some business. Business like brushing my teeth, taking my makeup off, and telling my friend something important that I almost forgot to tell him about.

In case you're wondering what it's like to be close friends with me, this is it. I am the one in the green:

Do I really think a ghost touched my back? No... probably not. It was just one of those dreams that feels like reality. Which means it could have been reality. There's no way of knowing. Don't worry though, I played it cool. Just to be safe.

Ok... other Wednesday Thoughts:

Every time I hear about the Patreaeus affair, I think "I can't believe he had an affair with Paula Poundstone - the comedian from "Wait wait... Don't tell me!" Then I have to remind myself that it's not her, it's some woman with really strong looking arms. It's just that they both have the first name Paula, and a last name with two syllables. Which I guess makes them the same in my mind.

Are you guys as excited about Thanksgiving as I am? I am super excited. I love that holiday. I usually do the Black Friday shopping on the day after, but I'm pretty irked with so many stores opening on Thanksgiving day, so I haven't decided what to do this year. What do you guys think? Do you shop on Black Friday?

Ok, last thought: with the new James Bond movie out, I realized last weekend that I'm pretty sure I've never seen any James Bond movies. Am I alone in that? I'm not sure I've seen the early Star Wars movies either (though I may have as a kid?). Have you missed out on any series of movies?

This guy alone is reason to get caught up. Amiright?
Happy Wednesday!

PS - This is my 1111th post! Make a wish!


Katherine said...

1111!!!!! That is SO awesome!!! Congrats on that!! I'm with you on both the Bond films (and Mr. Connery's dreaminess) and Star Wars. I'm sure I saw the early Star Wars films at some point, but my nerdiness only goes so far.

I don't like the rush for Black Friday savings now. Next thing you know, it'll be the Monday before Thanksgiving instead of the day after. It's ridiculous! I like the day after tradition. Yeesh.

Also, it was totally a ghost.

Cheeky Candid Contemplations said...

I wish .... I wish .... I wish that you keep posting forever. I definitely think you should catch up with Bond movies but skip the Pierce Brosnan ones.

Wee Sisters Three said...

Jim and his mom are doing the black friday shopping this year, but they have to be at Walmart to get the deals we want at 8 pm on thanksgiving. That ticks us off. We found all the perfect things that the kids wanted and then Jim told me what time it was at and we were flabbergasted. Why is Black friday taking over thanksgiving. It seems like they shouldn't be able to start it till midnight at the earliest.

I have seen most of the movies for Bond and they are nothing special. Some points in each movie are cool, but that's it.

Savd said...

Do you know I have that same pic of Sean Connery on my fridge?? That man is just divine. :)

violet50 said...

I've seen all of the first three Star Wars movies and they were good: Harrison Ford - need I say more? I've seen some Bond movies - the new Bond is good. I don't shop Thanksgiving weekend at all unless it's for food. It was a ghost. And my 1111 wish for you is that you meet someone as handsome as Sean Connery, maybe even with the Scottish brogue, get married, have 5 children, and live happily ever after!