Saturday, November 10, 2012

Over 20

A few weeks ago, my sisters and I were driving to our cousin's house for a family function. I sat in the back of the mini-van with my nieces and nephews. At one point, we drove by a church which someone in the family had been married in this summer. My nephew, who is six, looked at me and said, "you're going to be next. I just know it."

I asked him what kind of man I should marry. We've had similar conversations before, but this one had some great points I have to share. The other kids piped in a little too.

E (nephew, 6): "He's going to have big muscles and laser eyes. And he's going to be able to fly."
P (niece, 8): "He's going to be handsome."
S (niece, 4): "And he's going to be a vampire."
P: "You're gonna kiiiiiiissssssss."
E: He's going to have  hair like this (makes his hair into a fauw-hawk).

That was was a few weeks ago. Today, we all got together for a family birthday party. My nephew and I were chatting and we had this conversation (keep in mind, he's six):

E: "So have you found him yet?"
Me: "Found who?"
E, looking at me knowingly, "You know.... muscles!"
Me: "Oh, you mean my husband? No. But I'm trying."
E: "If you don't get married, no kids."
Me: "I know, that's why I want to get married."
E: "How old are you?"
Me: (I tell him)
E, looking nervous, "Oh no! You're supposed to get married when you're 20!!!"

So, I guess I'm doomed. No vampire with a faux hawk for me.

And now I'm about to show you an amazing gem one of my sisters found while looking through an old box of photos. I won't say who I know in this picture, because they might kill me. BUT, I will say this: I don't know either of the kids in black face. And that's what really matters here.

This was probably taken in about 1990 or so, which makes it truly astonishing! I thought we knew better by then!

I have been laughing (a shocked, horrified laugh) every time I've seen this. It had to be shared.


Katherine said...

Hee hee!!!! That photo!!! Don't forget the kid in red face... Yikes. And are those supposed to be aliens in the back to the right?? What the heck was going on here??

violet50 said...

There are no words.

D said...

Looks like they might be singing? Those are some crazy costumes!