Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm feeling a lot of emotions today. I know what some of you (men) are thinking, "Of course you are, you're a woman." Well, you're not wrong. I am having one of those days. So instead of writing normal paragraphs, I'm just going to tell you some things on my mind today. And because I have a lot of feelings, I'll be doubling up on those.

I'm eating... delicious warm maple syrupy pancakes

I'm feeling...tired. So tired.

I'm wanting... to be napping and to feel totally healthy. I have been under the weather for a couple months now. I got a sinus infection awhile ago and apparently it fell in love with me because it won't leave! I must have some really attractive sinuses or something. There's no way of knowing.

I'm thinking... that Lisa is the least funny Simpsons character. (Most funny: Mr. Burns. Second funniest: Ned.)

I'm wondering... if "kookie" is a compliment. Someone on Twitter called me kookie. Hm.

I should be...doing so many things! Working on crafts for a craft show I'm participation in, exercising, doing laundry, etc...

I'm feeling.... like this is true:

I'm wondering... if I should make plans to go somewhere for New Year's or if I should just keep expectations low since New Year's is inevitably disappointing.

I'm feeling... excited about Christmas. Christmas is an emotional time too though. And a tiring time. Whether you're a parent and you're trying to juggle a million things, or a single person trying really hard to not feel lonely, it requires a lot of mini-pep talks and extra large doses of chocolate.

I am realizing... that winter is coming. It's so cold already. And dark. So dark. I got a full spectrum light for my desk at work and I'm hoping that helps me get through the winter. That combined with a little vitamin D and some self delusion should do the trick.

My "sunshine" corner

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

Pancaaaakkkkkeeeess!!! Sorry. I love pancakes. I also totally agree with that pic being accurate to me. My line's just as good as anyone else's!!! Come on, fish! Sigh. I like the looks of that lamp - it seems nice and bright!! I hope it works!!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Katherine maybe we're not using the right bait?

violet50 said...

I hope you feel better soon you kookie pancake-eating winter-hater. Your sense of humor [and chocolate] will carry you through.

Sara said...

I say go somewhere sunny for New Year's! Something spontaneous like a road trip to where ever the sun is shining! When's your craft fair? I'm up for a crafting date after Dec. 14th!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Kookie = awesome

Be proud.

brenda hatch said...

Arizona is a great place to go for New Years ;)

Liz said...

Kookie; did they mean to say Snooki? Cause if they were comparing you to Snooki then it was a compliment. Mystery solved!