Monday, November 26, 2012

Preserving Memories

Sometimes at night when I'm lying in bed and can't sleep, I, like most of you lonely souls, turn to my iPhone to pass the time. Once I've exhausted Facebook and Twitter, I usually turn to one of my favorite aps: instaframes.

Instaframes is an ap that lets you make collages or just dress up your pictures. Here's an example of a masterpiece I made using this ap.

Often I use the ap to make collages to send to my sister, Katherine. Her responses to almost all of my masterpieces is "ridiculous." I can't see her face when she receives these gems but I assume they're met with an eye roll and a reluctant chuckle. But maybe I flatter myself with that last bit. A couple nights ago, I sent her this piece with the caption "some of my favorite people."

Clockwise from left: Danny Tanner, my sister Katherine, Mayor Goldie Wilson from Back to the Future ("Honesty, Decency, Integrity"), and a lady with awesome hair who I saw at a restaurant.

Katherine said she was flattered at first, but then had her doubts about the crowd she was in. I think the lady with the hair was the source of her doubts. Cause I KNOW it couldn't have been Mayor Goldie Wilson or Danny Tanner. So I made her another collage of favorites:

Clockwise from left: Comet, the Tanner's dog from Full House, a lady who was accused of trying to kill the president (I don't love what she tried to do - in fact, I hate it - but I do like her mugshot), some soup I made a couple months ago, and the original collage. 

Katherine preferred this one. Kind of. 

Since I was on such a roll with these works of art, I decided to make one for my Eastern Market excursion on Saturday: 

Clockwise from left: my friend Doug approaching my camera, unknowingly (and my smile), my amazing sandwich, and my giant carrots.

Do you think my grandchildren will treasure these digital scrapbook pages? What will theses pictures say about me in the future? What do they say about what I think is important?

These are rhetorical questions. I beg of you not to answer them.


lizzie mc.- said...

I love your humor. It's your life in proper perspective with profound smileage!

violet50 said...

You will be your grandchildren's favorite gangy. Your sense of humor is a quality I love about you.

Katherine said...

As you predicted: Ridiculous. ;) (Your guess at my reaction was pretty much spot on...) :D

Katherine said...

"I have a flair for the absurd." - Elizabeth Downie, just now after discussing these pictures.

Liz said...

What I do at night, after I have exhausted Facebook and twitter (by the way how do exhaust Facebook, the stalking possibilities are endless), I read your blog (although I don't recommend reading your own blog, find one that wasn't written by you).
Some lady tried to kill the president?! How did I not know this. Granted I never watch any news shows, other than the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.