Thursday, November 15, 2012

November vs October

Grrrrrrrrrrr..... It's November. November is a rough reality after October. October is so colorful and fun. The leaves are changing, there are corn mazes, haunted houses, Halloween parties, candy, bonfires, and scary movies. But on November 1st, all the leaves miraculously fall to the ground, the sky darkens, the grass turns brown, it's time to get serious about politics, and the fun is over.



Last night I was feeling a lot of November rage. And to make it worse, I had "November Rain" in my head, which is one of the most heinous curses of November. So I decided to do a little art therapy. I got out my paints, some cardboard, and I painted the months of October and November, as I see them. (Keep in mind, I am not a painter.)


As you can see, they are quite different in my mind. One is awesome the other is capital Blah.

I'm sorry if November is your favorite month.

I'm sorry if your birthday is in November.

I'm sorry if November Rain is your favorite Guns 'N Roses song. 

I'm sorry if you're that girl I knew in high school named November.

November's just no October.

But we still have half the month left, and I'm going to try not to spend it grousing. So I'm dedicating the rest of this post to looking at the good things in November.

1. Movember - November is the month of the mustaches, which is pretty cool. Especially for a Magnum PI lover like myself.

2. Thanksgiving - I do love Thanksgiving, so I shouldn't discount its presence in November.

3. Christmas music - I sincerely hope no one ever hides a camera in my car and sees the way I sing along with the Christmas classics - especially The Grinch song. That's my favorite one to sing along with. I pretty much nail it every time.

4. That Friday off work after Thanksgiving. LOVE this. I love the Thanksgiving break - watching movies, shopping, eating, getting excited for Christmas.

Ok, I'm somewhat perked up. If there's anything else you like about November, please share!


D said...

It gets cold enough for soup and baking in november. And caramel apple cider. We're on a bit of a delayed schedule here and so the leaves are gorgeous in November too. Plus it's a nice time to get ready for December. It's a great time for crafting!

Katherine said...

I like the smell of the first snow, which often comes in November. Also, wearing my mittens for the first time and finding the pom poms I put in there last winter and smiling. (Seriously - one of the best things is putting your mittens on and finding fuzzy pom poms! Always makes me smile. Worst thing? Putting your mittens on and finding fuzzy dead mice.)

I love your paintings!!

violet50 said...

I love your paintings, too! I like the colder weather because I like feeling cozy at home, with my hot chocolate (sugar free) and books. I like to bake zucchini bread and pumpkin cookies (why am I drinking sugar free hot chocolate?) I feel invigorated when the brisk cool breeze hits my cheeks. And the first snow falling past the street lights. Magical.

Sara said...

It seems slightly warmer in November than it did in October this year which is weird. I like focusing on the few trees or bushes that still have bright red leaves! Also, I'm keeping the hot cider going all winter I think.

Auntie Bliss said...

I think it is October part two!
Socks, flannel sheets and or jammies...not mowing or sweating :)
Reading books and magazines you saved for this time of year...and projects like crochet for gifting next month.
Your paintings are very sweet!