Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Update

My weekend was a blur. I know "I'm sick" stories are dull so I'll keep that part brief. But suffice it to say, I was insane when I decided I was healthy enough to go up north for the weekend. Insane or delusional. I guess I thought I could will myself healthy. Though I did will myself to get out and enjoy the location and company from time to time, I was mostly sleeping and/or coughing the whole weekend (especially Sunday, when I slept for something like 20 hours).

K, I'm done talking about illness. Unfortunately though, I'm not witty today. And I can't think of anything interesting to say (still sick). So I thought I'd just share some pictures from the weekend with you!

Tell me about your weekends!

Luckily I was healthy enough to enjoy this
delicious meat pie at the Scottish festival!

How can you NOT kiss those cheeks?
I love my adorable nephew.

My cousin skipping stones was way more
entertaining than you would think. He's seriously
Look who I ran into!


Jessica said...

Bahahaha! I LOVE the last photo!!

karajean said...

Love the picture of Leo! Your blog always makes me laugh!

Angela said...

My dad, Joe (brother) and their spouse came down and we had a great time supporting ea. other, touring the strip and eating fast food.

Katherine said...

Man, clearly Leo also loved to watch Barry skip stones! How did I not see him there? I TOTally saw him on the dock, though. He's always so chipper!! My weekend was great! Except that my sister Elizabeth was super sick. :( (Hope you're feeling better!!!) Here's my weekend in a nutshell: men in kilts; short bread; bagpipe music; hanging with my sisters, nieces, nephew, momsy & popsy; then sand; sun (too much...ouch); The Book Mark; Ernie running like a mad dog on the dunes; bonfires; s'mores; Lake Michigan; the beach house fries & ice cream; Barry skipping stones; Leo; Lighthouse; House of Flavors; new (some used) books; lots and lots of reading; more hanging with the fam...doesn't get much better!!

Sara said...

I was sick and traveling too! How uncanny! Still coughing a bit. Ugh. Once we recover, we should meet up for a bike ride...gone for the next two weekends unfortunately! Ugh - summer busy is already starting.

btw- I noticed the odd guy on the break.

movingluggage said...

Either it's an incredible coincidence that you two happen to be at the same places at the same time or Prancing Leo is stalking you big time :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

I would love that, Sara! I hope you get to feeling better SOON!

And good job to all of you who found the second prancing Leo.

Taylor, I wish Leo was stalking me! haha

And thanks, Kara and Jessica. :)