Friday, February 20, 2009

Cure for the winter blues

It seems we've reached that point in winter where we've all had enough. Winter was charming during the holidays, expected in January, and has now overstayed its welcome. I think we would be more tolerant of it if it hadn't been so awful to us in January. The news of 4-8 inches of snow tomorrow is, to say the least, unwelcome. Even the idea of staying inside wrapped up in a Snuggie or two isn't comforting enough for me at this point. I think it's time for happy thoughts.

The rest of this blog post is dedicated to things that make me (and hopefully you) smile. Let me know if you have any others.

First, have you seen the website failblog? It features pictures and videos of things that would be considered a failure (in a funny way, most of the time). Every now and then they post a "win." Here are a couple pictures from that site that made me laugh this week:

Why is there a pit of some sort under that slide!? And I love how the Kool Aid Man is saying "Oh yeah!" Classic. Since Ann is the one who originally showed me this site, I feel I should post her all time favorite fail:

Moving on, here's a hilarious video Kathy sent me. It's a montage of all the singing clips from the Office:

I think I should also share some of our altered pictures from work. The first is a picture of me on a date with John Mayer. I really like his music, but he kind of seems like a d-bag (excuse my french). (The scary thing is that the person originally in this picture was Miley Cyrus!) The second is a picture of Justin as a member of the Jonas Brothers. Sorry about the quality of the pictures - I took them with my cell phone and was laughing at the time so they're a little shaky. At the top of this post is a picture Justin and I found of Kathy from her high school year book.

Here's one of Kathy from when she was working with Magnum P.I. (He makes everyone who works with him grow a mustache.)

I feel better now. I think I may make a list on the side of this blog about things that make me happy. I'll need it for the next month (or more). I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did!


Kathy said...

This was all so hilarious! I'm not sure where to begin. The woman on the segway is RIDICULOUS! What would ever make someone think that was a good idea? Big dummy.

I hope that when Justin sees his Jo-Bro pic it doesn't bring back painful memories of the day they made him stop touring with them. I think it may be too soon to talk about with him. And you better back of from my John. Consider this your final warning.

Last thing: Now that I'm bleaching it, you can't see the mustache I grew anymore...right?

justin said...

now that I've been kicked out of the B-52s and the Jonas Brothers I think it's time to just give up on my rockstar career, unless Hilary is still looking for backup singers.

Kathy, don't you have trouble breathing with that stache? It's totally covering your nose. I think it's time to rebleach it actually. It's starting to look a little salt and pepper from here.

I love that John Mayer picture. It looks so real. Maybe because it is. You really love that flower don't you Elizabeth? you wear it everywhere...

Emily said...

Those are the best pictures ever. I didn't know you met Jon Mayer. (d-bag) you crack me up and you sure know a lot of French.

opticwalrus said...

failblog just supplied me with many laughs. Thanks for that.

Katherine said...

Good times! Thanks for the laughs, I can really use them!! Those pictures are hilarious!

Stephanie said...

Love The Office musical! Who could possibly experience the winter blues when such an excellent production is available online?! My gratitude to you for sharing such joy. :)