Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

Well, the toffee poll has ended and the results are in: toffee rules, Justin drools. Although I have to admit, I'm surprised four people said they don't like it! Who else hates toffee? Confess! (Sarah, I know you fessed up, but who are the other two?) I accused Justin of going to the library to vote against toffee on separate computers, but he assures me it wasn't him.

Proof that things seem funnier at night: as I was falling asleep last night, I was thinking about the song The Final Countdown and it occurred to me how funny it is that everyone always sings along with the synthesizer part in that song. I thought, "I have to put that in my blog! That is too funny!!" Then this morning when I remembered it I realized it's not that funny. But here it is the blog. Go figure.

Confession (this one's a doozy): I have been listening to a lot of Pandora at work lately and I've found that when the occasional Hannah Montana song comes on, I often (brace yourself) kind of (ready for it?) like it (the song, that is). I can't help it! Her songs are peppy! Although I'm not sure who I like better, Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus.

But I am proud to admit that I always flip past the Jonas Brothers songs. I'm sorry -I appreciate the amount of time they take to both curl and flat iron their hair, but their songs do nothing for me. At this point you might be wondering what station I've been listening to on Pandora. Keep wondering.

I sometimes wonder if I should write about the more serious parts of my life in my blog. I mean, I have plenty of other things I could discuss with you - I read a lot, I'm a news addict, I have problems, etc... But if you read my blog and don't know me well (or at all?) you might think that my whole life revolves around goofing around with my co-workers and obsessing about Snuggies, when in reality those things only make up about 97% of my life. (PS, I think my Snuggie will arrive today!)

I feel a little exposed now that I told you about Hannah Montana. Just know this: I really do like a lot of cool, well respected music. I'm just foolishly willing to put a few of my guilty pleasures on my blog. I hope we can still be friends. And I promise I only like a couple of her songs. Three at the absolute most. Maybe four.


justin said...

wait, I thought you said you were "rocking out" in your car to a particular Jonas Brothers song? or was that Kathy? They do seem a lot more like her kind of band *quiet laughter to self*

and don't be embarrassed about Hannah Montana. Hilary Duff alone makes up 97% of my life.

P.S. at least I'm drooling over the good stuff, like granola, cheese brownies, and volcano tacos (R.I.P.), and NOT toffee :)

Brady said...

so, now I am wondering what kind of pandora station you are listening to. If it's one you made, you do know you can thumbs down the Jonas Bros, and they won't come back? If it's one someone else made, you're stuck.

Elizabeth Downie said...

I gave the Jonas Bros the thumbs down, but they kept coming back for awhile. I haven't heard anything from them in about a week though so hopefully I'll be able to live a Jonas Brothers free life now. Thanks for the tip though! :)

Monica said...

I HATE toffee

Kathy said...

Now that I know how you really feel, did you want me to make a mixed Miley Cyrus CD for our ride in tomorrow?

Justin, I can't help it if the Jonas Brothers sound amazing on my subwoofer. And yes, I did get my short haircut so that I could look as pretty as Joseph Jonas.

Emily said...

I wouldn't call Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus a guilty pleasure. I would call it the BEST MUSIC EVER! Nothing is better than rocking out to "See You Again".

But I agree with you on the Jonas Brothers. Kelly and I recently came to the conclusion that it certainly can't be their music that makes everyone like them so much. It must be all the hair products and tight clothes.

AMy said...

who cares what people think. rock it sista!

Katherine said...

I agree with both of Emmy's comments and Amy's comment as well. Hannah Rules, Jonas Bros. drool. (As apparently Justin does...don't tell him I said that, though. You started it!) ;)