Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

This week is open enrollment for health care where I work. I have been very impressed with the scenarios people think up for the insurance rep who conducts some of the meetings (what if this, what if that...). Here's one I thought of that I'm going to ask at our next meeting:

"What if I'm at home, and I become violently ill and decide to go to the hospital, but on the way out of the house, I discover a fire in the kitchen. I try to put it out but burn my hand, which reminds me that I have to get to the hospital. As I'm running out of the house, I notice a mysterious stain on the carpet but don't have time to investigate. On the way to the hospital, I get in a car accident and break my leg. Which insurance covers the hospital stay? Homeowners insurance, car insurance, or my HMO?"

(One of the details in that story wasn't necessary but I thought the story needed a little mystery.)

I've been dealing with another serious situation at work this week: my coworkers have suffered a devastating loss. The loss of the volcano taco from Taco Bell. I never thought that I would be signing a petition to bring back a food item from a fast food chain - especially a food item I've never actually eaten (too spicy), but I can't watch Kathy and Justin suffer so much. I've never seen Justin like this, staring into space saying, "I remember the last one I ate. It was so good. I should have enjoyed it more. Sometimes when I ate them, I wouldn't even have a glass of water nearby." If you want to join the cause, here's a link to the petition.

In other news, I've always been suspicious of hamsters and now my suspicions have been confirmed:

I'll never trust a hamster again.

Lastly, I've been dealing with another problem this week. I can't get the Pepsuber song out of my head. Ever since SNL started insisting on making a nonstop series of Macgruber sketches, I've had a love/hate relationship with Macgruber. Mostly leaning towards irritation. At the end of the Super Bowl I saw the Pepsuber sketch and for some reason it cracked me up. Am I alone?


Kathy said...

When did they start allowing hamsters to work in the film industry?! Creepy!

As far as your insurance is concerned, the statistics show that 99.9% of all hospitalizations occur due to home fires or auto accidents. You're probably safe just canceling the hmo all together. It's pure logic.

Ann said...

Why didn't you stop to investigate the stain? Who cares if you have severe burns on your hand--do you realize how tough it is to get stains out once they settle in?! Come on, get your priorities straight!

Sarah said...

MacGruber is the worst. Maybe the first one was funny in a ironic way, and maybe the second one was tolerable, but when there are 3-4 in a span of one SNL, and then it enters mainstream society at the Super Bowl, it's gone too far!! (Altho, it was kinda cool that Richard Dean Anderson himself was in the Pepsuber sketch!).

Katherine said...

When Sarah and I were in "Derby Girl" last year, the assistant to the camera man was a hamster. What's so weird about that? He (She?) was perfectly competant. If a little short. (By "short," I mean he had a quick temper. He and Christian Bale are BFFs.)

Katherine said...

Wait, the book is Derby Girl, the movie we were in is "Whip It!"

Sarah said...

Wait, was the "Whip It" hamster wearing a stripedy shirt? :)

Christi said...

I loved the Macgruber commercial! And I really think you should ask your insurance rep that question. A very similar thing happened to me just last week, and I really wish I would have gotten clarification on my coverage.

Liz said...

I hate McGruber and anything that makes fun of Mcguiver. I am dying to know, did the petition work? Did they save the volcano taco? If I ate meat I really think I would enjoy that because I like my food like I like my men...spicy.