Friday, February 6, 2009

It's all relative

Cold. Cold. Cold. This week has been so cold. The light at the end of the tunnel is the promise of temperatures rising above freezing this weekend! Happy day. Of course they will dip back down, but a few days of semi-warmth is something to celebrate.

One of the things I love about this time of year is how our idea of what is warm is dramatically different from how we feel about warmth in late summer. In August, if the temperature dips below 65 degrees we put on our sweatshirts and complain about how cold it is. In February, if it gets above 40, people are walking their dogs in short sleeved shirts and shorts. If it gets above 50, we call it a heat wave, open all our windows and wonder if it's warm enough to go swimming.

It's all relative I guess.

But I've lived in Michigan long enough to know that we still have two solid months of winter ahead of us. Which brings me to my good news. I received notice this morning that my Snuggies have been shipped! I've been brainstorming all the things I can do in my Snuggies (I got the second one for free!). The commercial inspired me, but I've come up with some of my own ideas:

Go ice skating (I'll actually wear two when I go ice skating - one in front and one in back)
Wear it at the movie theater
Eat popcorn (or enjoy any snack, really)
Stay warm at work
Cheer on the Pistons at the Palace
Talk on the phone
Trip over it and fall down the stairs
Use a remote control for the t.v. (something I can't do with a blanket)
Go out to eat
Shop at Target without the bulk of my winter coat

Please let me know if you have any other ideas of ways in which I can take advantage of owning two Snuggies! Oh, and if you come over, you can definitely borrow the other one. We can play backgammon!


Kathy said...

You could show mercy to the prisoner riding his bike down Wagner and throw your extra Snuggie to him as you drive by.

Question: What makes you think you can't navigate stairs wearing the Snuggie, but you can wear two and ice skate successfully? Sounds like someone's a little overconfident.

MMMegan said...

Yay! You need to wear the Snuggies with a cute guy. Then you two can wear the love hand glove thingy from an earlier post. You will then be warm inside and out.

Julie Barb said...

Hopefully your snuggies come before winter is over:) I'm really dying to see pictures of you wearing your new snuggie and to hear your reviews:)

Elizabeth Downie said...

That's a great idea Megan! Now I just need to go find a guy to snuggle with. I may be gone awhile...

Katherine said...

Yesterday I was trying to talk on the phone while flipping channels and eating popcorn while wearing a blanket, and let's just say I'll be stealing (borrowing?) your Snuggie #2 next time.

Annjilla (Fernandez) Baillio said...

While Blade was sleeping a couple hours ago Anwen and I took a slow walk through the chilly rain to the mail box! She likes the idea of holding her own umbrella, but is overwhelmed by the sound of the rain drops pattering above her! So I held it over her head while I froze! She laughed at my wet hair.