Sunday, November 16, 2008

The reason for the (winter) season

In an effort to survive the inevitable cold weather coming, I'm going to try to post occasionally about things I enjoy about winter. Consider it a form of winter survival therapy! And please share anything you love about winter along the way. With the winter coming, we'll need to support each other.

Today we had our first snow. I mean, our first snow that felt like winter - we had a dusting about a week ago, but it didn't stick in this area and was very light. But tonight, it was real. It didn't stick very much, but it was heavier and.... winterier. Even the air smelled like winter. This was the first time I'd smelled it this year, and I can't explain why, but I kind of liked it. I'll confess that as Katherine and I were driving in it tonight, I said something about how the snow was actually quite pretty. Don't quote me in March after the tenth snow storm, please.

Anyway, as I was saying, I thought if I share some things I like about winter with you from time to time, winter might be more bearable. Today the thing I'll share is: pomegranates. I love this fruit! They're my favorite seasonal food for winter.

Of course, some might argue that it is because of the deliciousness of the pomegranate that we even have to endure winter at all. A Greek myth tells the tale of Persephone, who because of eating the seeds of a pomegranate, was doomed to stay in the underworld for three months a year. During this time, her mother, Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, missed her so much, she stopped all produce from growing while she was gone, thus creating the seasons.

That story might make you want to turn on the pomegranate, but trust me. After that first spoon full of juicy seeds, you'll forgive. The pomegranate may be the reason we have winter, but I think it's deliciousness is it's way of apologizing. And I accept.


Katherine said...

I accept the pomegranate,too!! So good!

emily said...

I love the pomegranate.

Things to love about winter:
Hot chocolate
Warm clothes
Sitting on or near a heater
Eating lots of soup and chilli
Hot Baths
Bright nights (with the snow cover)
Cute kids all bundled up

...I'm out for now, but don't worry, I'll come up with more.

Why is winter so darn long in Michigan? If it could only stop in Feb. Then all would be right in the world. No one likes to freeze their Grand Tetons off for six months straight. It's just not right :)

Sarah said...

Haha! "Freeze your Grand Tetons off"...great one!! :) With your permission, I might start using that off and on! :) Just the saying puts a smile on my nearly frost-bitten face! :)

D said...

I miss seasons. You can come and visit me when the snow gets too heavy or the winter too long. It was 91 degrees here today. That's just not right. The first year we moved here it was 80 on Christmas. Just not right I tell you. I do not envy how long or how cold your winter is but I do envy a winter- three months would be good I think... Spring and Fall are the ones that should last 6 months. :)

MMMegan said...

Winter loves:


Sorry, after the windstorm disrupted my otherwise nice day here today, I'm having trouble making peace with Persephone. Or her mother. Stupid wind.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Grand Tetons!! Hilarious. You are too funny, Emily. I also like your list - those really are the nice parts of winter.

emily said...

Sarah, you can definitely use "Grand Tetons." Saying it really does make the winter just a little brighter.