Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!!

Today is my dear friend Emily's birthday. She recently moved to Utah (even after I begged her not to - she's selfish like that but I still love her). And I didn't get her new address in time to send her a gift on her actual birthday, so my gift (until my actual gift arrives in the mail) is to dedicate this post to sharing some of my favorite things about Emily:
  • She loves Michigan (especially Ludington) as much as I do.
  • She's definitely one of the funniest people I know.
  • She keeps trying at Dr. Mario even though she stinks at it (kidding!).
  • I've seen her chop wood in flip flops and a dress.
  • She loves Gilmore Girls as much as me. Maybe more actually.
  • We have almost the exact same car.
  • It cracks me up how she's afraid of old buildings - even fake old timey buildings!
  • Our nieces and nephews are be-fri's.
  • Her love of shrimp scampi is both unparalleled and inspiring.
  • We fought over Josh Turner (with Katherine as well) and lost, but our friendship remained strong.
  • She has two tool sets - one girly one, and one not-girly one and she's not afraid to use them!
  • She makes me laugh when she says, "life's a bear."
  • She's a really great friend.
So, that's a short list. I could easily come up with much more to say, but I'll leave it at that for now. Happy birthday Emily!!


emily said...

You're killing me with the picture. This pictures is almost as good as me in my biking clothes - almost!

Thanks for the post. I will imagine you are here and we are watching Gilmore Girls, playing Dr. Mario, and eating donettes.

I hope you know that I only became your friend in the hope that I would occasionally be mentioned on your blog. Dreams do come true!

And lets be honest - I really do stink at Dr. Mario - next you you anyway. It's ok though. Life really is a bear.

Thanks again for the birthday post. Loves it!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yes, I hoped you'd appreciate why I included that bottom picture! ha! ;)

Next time we get together, let's make sure that plan happens. I'll bring the donettes. And no, you don't stink at Dr. Mario. It's just that everyone seems to stink compared to me. (kidding!!!)

Happy birthday!!

Katherine said...

YAYAY EMILY! I agree with all of Elizabeth's favorite things about Emily (except we don't have the same car, and I'm sort of between Emily and Elizabeth as far as Dr. M. is concerned)...Can I add some more?
-She says hilarious things like, "Loves it." and "borzilla."
-She always seems to be happy (if she's not, she hides it well!)
-She's got mad pumpkin-carving skillz.
-She introduced us to the magical wonders of Adrian!
Like Elizabeth, I could go on and on! I hope you have a fabulous birthday!! We miss you!!!

Kelly said...

Yeah, Emmy's tops. The first birthday post I put up about her had a picture of her hair all brushed out and big and wearing her padded biking shorts. Too dang funny! But she made me erase it. I had to, she knows my password.

Heather said...

first of all, i live 15 minutes from adrian...but have yet to see you guysin all your visits out there...sniffle weep...
also...i miss emily too...she needs to come home. I think Ally misses her too. She's been looking sad lately.