Monday, November 24, 2008

A new tradition

This year for Thanksgiving, I offered to bring two things: the cranberry sauce and the rolls. This is a big step up from what I normally bring, which is nothing. This is also sort of a big deal because I had never eaten, let alone made, cranberry sauce up until a couple weeks ago. So I thought it'd be best if I did a trial run, which I did. And it turned out great! We all ate it on vanilla ice cream and loved it.

So I felt pretty good about bringing that to Thanksgiving. But then I think I got overconfident about my cooking abilities because my next thought was, "cranberry sauce doesn't seem like enough. I should make something else." So I got this crazy idea to make homemade rolls. I thought it would be fun to get up early on Thanksgiving and knead the dough, let it rise, knead it some more, let it rise more, and so on. It seemed very old fashioned and festive.

I found this great recipe that I had never used before, but which looked delicious. I was a little concerned that the recipe was four pages long, and in paragraph form, not bullet points. But I figured I could follow it easily enough if I just read along and stayed focused. I started out strong:

But after that, the directions got incredibly complicated. I think it read something like this:

"Roll out dough to exactly half an inch. Cut into circles, using a geometry compass for precision. Find the center, using a protractor, and poke with two inch needle. Spin around in a circle three times. Fold 1/8 of circle of dough over, then turn 1/6 into center and press down. Unfold, brush melted butter on circle. Turn 1/3 of circle upwards and flip whole thing over. Let rise for awhile, until rolls look super yummy. Then unfold and follow the whole process again, but backwards while singing your favorite song from Fiddler on the Roof. This is important. Place triangle shaped rolls on baking sheet at an angle."

My head was spinning by the time I put them in the oven. Not one of the rolls was the same size, or anywhere near it. Once baked, they were actually quite good, as long as aesthetics don't matter to you. I think I'm going to have to find a different recipe for Thanksgiving.


Katherine said...

You forgot to double-take three times then go arrrrooooouuund the tooown! I think it's the song from Fiddler on the Roof that adds the extra yumminess, though. Delish!

Amy said...

Oh, rolls aren't that hard. I've been making my family's Christmas Eve rolls for years, and I've learned that you can streamline things a bit. You can use the compass to find the center if you remember basic Euclidean constructions from high school and eliminate the need for a protractor entirely. And in spite of what all the recipe sites may say, the compass needle works every bit as well as a 2-inch needle. Also, I would recommend getting rid of the 1/6 turn and instead doing two little twists when you turn the 1/3 circle upwards. Believe it or not, this is a lot easier. Your rolls will end up looking sort of trapezoid-shaped instead of triangle shaped, but people will think they're supposed to be this way.

Mike said...

I hope you sang If I were a Rich Man. Not only a catchy song, but if I remember the movie right, it came with a pretty awesome dance too.

Kristin said...

I can't believe you didn't come to me sooner.

Christi said...

Pillsbury makes a good roll that's located in the freezer section of any major grocery store. That's about as ambitious as I get.

MMMegan said...

tee hee. Hilarious. And I made homemade orange rolls the other day, which strengthened my resolve to never bake again. Soooo much work, and then... I (gasp) burned them! So disappointing. I'm still mad, three days later.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Mike, the dance moves in Fiddler on the Roof are the best. But I think my favorite song is "To Life" as far as dance moves is concerned. Two words: donkey kick.

Angela said...

Sis. Ann Dibb has a roll recipe that apparently she mentioned in a talk or something? it's on the YW page on the church website. here's a link it looks super easy and is apparently LDS approved lol.,17884,6821-1,00.html

and - easy is even in the title of the recipe, so it's like win/win, right?!