Friday, October 3, 2008

James is awesome

This is a picture of my nephew James and me taken tonight at dinner (he always makes a crazy face when someone points a camera at him). I love this kid - he makes me laugh so much. Here's a sample of the conversation at dinner tonight at the Saline Inn, our favorite local diner.

Katherine to James: "From now on, your nickname is going to be 'Sarcasmo.'"
Me to Katherine: "But isn't that your nickname? ZING!" (I never claimed I was funny.)
James: (totally cracking up, slapping his knee, etc)...."Wait, what does 'zing' mean?"

Some James facts:
He's going to be Baby Bowser for Halloween
He has two favorite songs: "Do as I'm Doing" and the Mario Galaxy song (as I'm typing this, I'm playing that song and he is singing along and acting like he's conducting it.)
He's taking a dance class that he claims is "really embarrassing" but I think he secretly likes it.
He's also taking an karate class that he really likes.
He just showed me a clay frog and asked, "how do you like this sculpture I made of Katherine?" then he went and said that to Katherine and now they're chasing each other around.
He cracks me up.

I will post pictures of my pumpkin carving this weekend, by the way. I haven't forgotten!


Katherine said...

I can verify the truthfulness of the contents of this post. The kid is HILARIOUS!!! Ah, good times!

Sarah said...

Can he please be my student when he gets to middle school? I need some good entertainment!

Elizabeth Downie said...

I'm not sure if his teachers find him as amusing as we do ;) haha

emily said...

James is awesome! He's got a great imagination.

Katherine - you definitely don't look like a clay frog. :)