Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fundamental debate fun

Who else is excited for the debate tonight!? You know I am. As you know, for last week's debate I made sugar cookies. For this debate I thought I'd keep up with the calorie theme, but mix it up a bit. So I made a cake - it's bipartisan as you can see. I made sure each candidate was represented so no one would get their feelings hurt. I'm holding them both equally responsible for any weight gain or stomach aches those eating this cake may suffer.

So here's the deal, I (and those watching the debate with me, though they don't know it yet) will take a bite of cake each time I hear one of the following:

My friends
Health care
That guy

Actually, "my friends" alone is going to make the entire cake disappear in the first ten minutes, so maybe I should just choose three words from the list. I think I'll go with "economy," "health care," and "that guy."

I found this funny article from last week's debate describing a "debate watch game." It has a list of words and phrases to look for, and includes bonus questions. So I'm going to make up my own bonus questions for this one:

1. How many times will McCain look like he's about to flip out?
2. How many times will Obama say "fundamental"?
3. How many times will we hear the word "economy" tonight? (I'm counting on this one being high, and I might lose track about half way through because of the sugar. So, I'm going to leave the counting to you guys.)

Any guesses? Enjoy the debate tonight, my friends!


Christi said...

What about bi-partisan?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Oh yeah, bipartisan is another one that will give me a stomach ache about 15 minutes in. ;)

opticwalrus said...

Nice bi-partisan cake - your Obama picture is all stately and presidential, but your McCain picture is all "Der der diddily derp." I think you've shown your true colors.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Hahaha, I was hoping no one would look at the pictures too closely. You totally called me out though Brian. "der der diddily derp" - hilarious.

Christi said...

But she does have the same number of red and blue M&M's. Way to be fair!

Sarah said...

Oh man, I know we're going to hear the phrase "reach across the aisle" so much that I'll start to hallucinate that I myself am actually reaching across the aisle and will quite likely fall off of my couch. :)

Maybe it should be a workout...every time you hear economy, do 3 sit-ups; the word "fundamental" gets a push-up, and McCain saying "my friends," well, let's just say there isn't an exercise I love enough to include that one in my work-out tonight! :)

D said...

I have some friends who turned it into a "drinking" game. They each had a two liter of soda and shot glasses.
They had stomachaches by the end for sure...

Katherine said...

Man, I seriously loved this debate. Especially your reaction to Obama's left-handedness. Good cake, by the way - this race is making me fat! Here are my bonus question results (they're approximations...):
1. McCain's eyes bugged out at least 18 times.
2. Obama said fundamental 194 times.
3. The word economy was said about 5,124,958 times total.

Oooh, gotta wrap this up - my boyfriend Anderson Cooper is on now. He loves me, he just doesn't know it (or me) yet.

Good times!

Elizabeth Downie said...

I also forgot to count how many times Joe the Plumber was said. :)