Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Costume help!

So, I'm going to a Halloween party Friday night and I still have no idea what to dress up as! I've been sick this week, and I think that's slowing down my creative juices. I wish I could come up with something both creative and easy to make, but I'm afraid I'm going to end up as one of the old standby costumes for women: a cat, a princess, a witch, or a gypsy. There's nothing wrong with these costumes except that I'm sure I won't be the only one in the room if I choose any one of these. I had thought about being Sarah Palin, but decided it might be too controversial.

Last year as a last resort I dressed up as butterfly, only because Katherine had both the wings and antennae that she let me borrow. Oh, and come to think of it, I was also a witch (at a different party). So, yeah. I think I need something new.

When I was a kid, my favorite thing to dress up as was a gypsy. This was mainly because it meant I got to wear a lot of jewelry - including dangly clip on earrings - and a lot of Wet and Wild makeup.

Once I was old enough to wear make up on days other than Halloween, I got slightly more creative. One year I was a devil disguised as an angel (an angel costume with a devil tail in the back). I stole that idea from a list I found online so I can't take credit for it. Another time, when I had a job working with migrant students, I was La Llorona which was pretty good. But I've been in a rut for a couple years now.

Halloween is only a couple days away so I need a costume idea stat! Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


D said...

I was a woman of substance (aka fat old lady) one year. That was a great one for trick or treating in the cold...inside it might be a little hot.

The Leo said...

Ummmm, a yetty?

Jenna said...

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is EASY and CHEAPO!!

brenda said...

Tape smartie candies all over your pants and call yourself "smarty pants."

Christi said...

I saw a thing on where a lady bought some rubber snakes (like from the dollar store) and put them through her hair like medusa. It looked pretty cool.

emily said...

Edward Scissors for Hands
Jane Austen
Sandy (from Grease)
Wilma Flintstone
Dead Person
Troll Doll

I'll try to think of some more and get back to you.

opticwalrus said...

You can come as part of the Buffy group - I'm Spike, Kristen B. is Buffy, Brian Starr is Angel. You could be a good Tara - she wears kind of gypsy/hippie clothes all the time. Or you could be Faith, or Drusilla, or Willow, or Glory (you'd be a good Glory! You just need a red cocktail dress, heels, and curl your hair a little), or Darla, or Cordelia, etc.

You can see a list at

P.S. - I really like Buffy.

Sarah said...

Hey...what about a Roller Derby girl? Or, my friend is going to be a CareBear. Perhaps a bunch of grapes...put a lot of green or purple balloons all over yourself (saw this online...not my own idea!). :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

These are great suggestions guys! I appreciate the help! At this point I'm leaning towards being a sick person. It will give me an excuse to wear slippers and a robe. And leave my hair undone. I'm not saying this costume is going to get me any dates.

Katherine said...

The puppy as Darth Vader is SOOOOOOO cute!! Awww... So, why haven't you been Doc Emmett Brown yet? I'm concerned that you've given up that dream. Elizabeth, it's your density...I mean, your destiny.

sterlingandbrandi said...

I might be Angela from the Office. I thought it was a funny idea and easy.