Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts

Things that are making me happy this week:

*Along Lake Michigan in Ludington State Park, some interesting sand formations formed along the edges of the cliff walls. They look like castles. I'm assuming it has something to do with the freezing and thawing of water?

*It feels like summer now! I keep thinking of Olaf saying, "in suuuummmmer!!" It's so wonderful.

*My favorite restaurant in Ludington is called The Grand, which is a pretty ironic name considering its appearance. The hamburgers, a food I rarely eat, are divine there. The fried mushrooms are even better. I'm not one to take a lot of pictures of my food, but I have to share with you a couple pictures of this place. The decor is so incredibly tacky, it's wonderful. It's perfect. I hope they never change the awful curtains. They served drinks in mason jars before it was cool.

Things that are bumming me out this week:

* Mad Men is over until 2015. That's a lifetime away (for insects and other things with short life spans). I have such a love/hate relationship with this show but overall, it's mostly love.


* Maya Angelou died today. I feel weird listing that after something so goofy and unimportant as Mad Men ending for the season, so just know that these are different levels of bummed out. I love her books and poetry. I know why the caged bird sings is one of my very favorite books. A few years back, I got to see her speak at the University of Michigan, and she was great. Dynamic, funny, and articulate. I love her positive message, and the way she encouraged people to be kind to one another. I remember a story I heard her tell on the radio once about how a smile from a stranger made a man change his mind about committing suicide. She always inspired me every time I heard her speak, or read her works. She will be missed!

What's making you happy and/or bumming you out today?

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

Many of the same things are making me happy! I love that it's finally feeling like summer. It's so wonderful. I also just ate some really tasty blueberries, and that also made me happy! And I'm wearing my new skirt and comfy flip flops, so that put a smile on my face! It's the little things...

I'm likewise sad about Maya Angelou. I love to hear her read her poems out loud. Her inflection and cadence really add so much meaning!

violet50 said...

I'm bummed that it's still raining but I'm glad that Maya Angelou was such a positive influence and offered so much of herself to others. I like the story of the smile changing a life. That's something we can all do.

Kristen McGraw said...

I love the smell of lilac's blooming. They took sooo long to get here that I appreciate them even more.