Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts

I've been watching a lot of Murder, She Wrote lately. I thought I'd seen every episode but apparently I missed a lot of episodes in season 8. I've been enjoying the season quite a bit and only have a few complaints:

* this season is HEAVY on saxophone. There's a lot of city scape shots with saxophone playing over them. It's so awful.

* the fashion is very painful. Last night I was shocked to see THIS:

The mullet to end all mullets. This is in the episode titled, "Danse Diabolique," in case you want to see the mullet in action. I'm telling you, it's worth it. That thing has a life of its own.

When you first see it, I can almost guarantee you will have this reaction. Even though you've been warned. It's that overwhelming.

In other thoughts, this morning I was listening to the radio and the DJ asked the question, "which tv character would you marry?" One of them chose Jessica from New Girl, another chose Claire from Modern Family, and another chose someone from a show I've never seen. I've been thinking about this extremely important question all morning and it should be no surprise to you who my choice is:

It's really a no-brainer. Who would you choose?

And lastly in Wednesday Thoughts, it's warm out and I just can't believe it. Is winter really over? Can it be?

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said... do you beat Magnum?!?? He's so dreamy. I think, since you've got him, I'd pick Chuck, from the TV show...Chuck. I love a hot nerd. ;) And that mullet should have its own TV show. It's SO intense!!! Ricky's reaction is perfect. Also, YAY SPRING!!!!

Elizabeth Downie said...
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The Leo said...

Tom Selleck? Really? smh