Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Oops, I missed Wednesday Thoughts. I do have a good excuse though.

I just typed up what my excuses were then deleted it because no one wants to hear excuses. Let's just say it involved a bear, a bag of Doritos, an overturned car, and Marty McFly. But you don't want to hear excuses, so I won't go into the details. This gif will summarize my day:

I'm kidding (duh) - it was just a normal busy day.

So, here are my Thursday Thoughts.

It's May. Usually by now the trees are full of leaves and wearing a t-shirt without a jacket is the norm. But NOT this May 1st! Oooooh no, Michigan just can't deliver this year. The trees are still mostly bare and I'm still wearing my winter coat in the mornings.

Ok, this Thursday Thoughts is getting off to a bad start. No more complaining. Here are some things that are making me happy this week:

"It's gonna be May" - this has been going around for at least three years now but it still makes me laugh. And this year, President Obama got in on the action:

"It's gonna be May."
If you don't know the song reference, youtube it ("It's gonna be me" by 'Nsync). You probably won't regret it.

I was asked to be in charge of moderating pranks at girls camp this summer. It's pretty funny considering I'm the one who needs to be moderated. I feel like someone told on me. If I'm going to be an example to the girls, I guess I'm going to have to tone down the pranks I've been planning and go with tamer ideas.

Which means I'm out of ideas.

I googled "camp pranks" and found this website (link). It had the worst ideas ever. Such as:

*put a piece of stinky cheese in someone's tent. When it starts to smell, rumors about their hygiene will spread.
*staple your friend's sleeping bag tightly around them then tickle their nose (I would never forgive someone for doing this to me - things would get violent FAST).
*fill someone's pillowcase with shaving cream. When they lay down, it will ooze out everywhere.
*sprinkle the inside of someone's sleeping bag with powdered milk. The smell of the milk combined with their body heat will cause a horrible smell.
*dig a hole outside your friend's tent and fill it with water balloons then cover with dirt so they don't know and step on it.

Um.... these pranks are horrible and no one wins with them! They may as well have said, "Put dog poop in someone's luggage" or "place a rattlesnake in someone's sleeping bag."

Awful! What are some pranks you did when you were younger (or older)? Only non-awful ideas, please. Ideas where the person doesn't want to murder you afterward.

Happy Thursday!

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D said...

Screen screeching and we recorded a leader who could make a baby cry sound and played that outside people cabins in the middle of the night. Snipe hunting is also a classic.