Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts

I've been trying to be proactive about enjoying life lately. Winter has a way of making me feel like I'm walking around with weighted bean bags on my shoulders, pulling me down. Some of it might be all the desserts I ate from November through Christmas (literal weight) but most of it is just the blahs that come with winter, and how heavy those blahs weigh. Not wanting to put my boots on but knowing I have to or my shoes will get wet with snow, which will then get my socks and feet wet and cold. This weighs me down.Not wanting to have to scrape the ice off my car windows or clean the snow off my car. Wishing I could go for a long walk without activating my asthma by breathing the frigid air. Not being able to run out to my car to grab something I forgot in there without having to put a coat, scarf, and boots on. Feeling like a prisoner inside. These things weighs me down.

But. It's only January 29th. Winter doesn't end until the beginning of April, no matter what the calendar or the groundhog say. And I don't just want to endure life until then. I want to enjoy it the best I can.

So, what works for me? So far these things work: trampoline aerobics class (SO fun), crafting (my first love), baking (not helping with the weight...), Netflix (I'm addicted to Scandal), music (trying to find summer-y songs - NO Radiohead in winter), togetherness with friends or family (being alone in winter is a no-no), books (I'm reading Dr. Sleep, the follow up to the Shining - more on that another time), online shopping (I got the cutest dang thing this week - I'll show you sometime), hot chocolate (my friend Christi got my the coolest hot chocolate maker for my birthday - I'm in love!), kids (my nieces and nephews, my friend's kids, stranger's kids [kidding] - I need more kids in my life! They make me laugh.), and searching online for warm vacations I'll never go on (I nearly booked a cruise yesterday but decided going by myself would just be irritating).

What is helping you enjoy life during winter?

If you can't go on a tropical vacation, you can always just visit my grandma. Her apartment is about 80 degrees. Some of you have been asking why I haven't been writing about her as much lately as I used to. The truth is, she's been having a hard time lately. Sometimes she loses touch with reality. It seems to depend a lot on the medicine she takes. My mom and aunt have been working hard to help her figure this out and have been taking amazing care of her. She told me last night that she was glad no one has been laughing at her for being confused at tiems. I told her of course we don't laugh - it's not funny to us because we love her and know how scary it is for her. She's going to be 94 on Friday (!!) and we're having a big party for her. She's really excited for it.

To end this week's Wednesday Thoughts, I'll share with you some random pictures from my phone:

My cute nephew cuddling when we went out for breakfast because he was cold
Same nephew becoming a world class archer
hot chocolate with homemade marshmallow
My dog best friend, Blue.
Picture taken a couple days ago. Cold. Snowy. Winter.

Happy Wednesday!


Anne Elliot said...

I totally want to go on a cruise! Want to go with a total stranger? haha

violet50 said...

I sit in the sunshine when it's available [indoors, of course] and pretend that it's 75 outside. Just feeling and seeing the sunshine helps. Reading about warm places - I'm reading a novel about Greece and the main character tells about how hot it was at 7 a.m. I could almost feel it, bake in it. And drinking hot cocoa with someone's homemade marshmallows. :)

brenda hatch said...

I know a place where you don't have to put boots on ;) I'm gonna check out Scandal!

Anonymous said...

This is very silly but one of the things that improves my mood in depressing times is to read your blog. We're a little different from each other but that's what makes it cool - you say you feel the same things I feel! A complete stranger 4000 miles away isn't so different after all. It's weirdly comforting. I don't read your blog that often, maybe every few months, but when I do I always feel better. I hope this doesn't creep you out too much. I'm not a stalker or anything, just a random well-wisher.

-tsx09 on twitter