Monday, February 3, 2014


People in Michigan are fond of saying that although it is technically the shortest month of the year, February is actually the longest. The reason being that it's cold and dark and seems to drag on and on. But I'm here to tell you that February is ok. And here are some reasons why.

1. Super Bowl! I don't even really like football all that much, but I like the Super Bowl. For the commercials mainly (and the snacks!). My favorites last night were the Budweiser horse and dog one (though I'm confused about the nature of their relationship), the Butterfingers cups one (with the couple in therapy) and the one with Bruce Willis and Fred Armison hugging. Also, a little fun fact: I barfed in the middle of the Super Bowl last night. 

2. Black history month!! Here's are some great reasons to celebrate Black History Month:

I say "slavery" you say "sorry!"


3. Valentine's Day. We've been over this one before. Yes, yes, I know. I've heard your arguments (it's a made up holiday! it's single awareness day! Charlie Brown hates it). But you've also heard my arguments (it's about the color red! it's about chocolate! and love in general!). And may I emphasize the chocolate part. If no one else is buying you any, buy yourself some! Who even cares? Let's be real here: Valentine's Day is actually much easier when you're not in a relationship. Buy yourself a heart shaped box of chocolates, turn on Netflix, and have a great evening.

4. It has that hidden R people like to argue about. It's not FebUary it's FebRUary. Or FebruANY if you work for Subway. Or your name is Jared.

5. Every four years, there's a leap year. That's kind of interesting, right? February is the only month with that little twist.

6. My mom's birthday is in February. Not only that, it's TODAY!!! Happy birthday, mom!!

7. The Olympics. If you're into it, which I never really have been. I'll watch some, and I admire the athletes and all, but if I miss the whole thing on accident, it's all good. That's not very patriotic of me, is it? What I meant to say was: U.S.A.! U.S.A.! 

8. It's not January.

What do you guys think? Are you ok with February?


Katherine said...

So many reasons to love FebRUary!!! (That video is amazing!!!) I like the V-Day plan - chocolates + Netflix = not having to dress up or go out in the cold!! Winning. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOM!!! And I'm very excited about it not being January anymore. Oh, and the Olympics, too? I think?

elliespen said...

Don't forget Presidents Day!

Personally, I love February. It's my birthday month, it's nice and symmetrical and the days of the week each date falls on matches up with the ones in March unless it's Leap Year, in which case Bonus Day! I mean, what other month has so many holidays—or semi-holidays—packed into such a short timeframe? Groundhog Day, the Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, Presidents Day, my birthday (not a national holiday—YET), and sometimes Leap Day or the Winter Olympics, all in the space of four short weeks. February is the most action- packed month there is. How could anyone NOT love February?

Melanie said...

I loved that clip! So funny!

Our mom's have the same birthday! :)

I love February! Hearts, chocolate, it's not January anymore, holidays. Life is good.

Melanie said...

No apostrophe in "moms" above... grammar is still tricky in February.

violet50 said...

I love football so the super bowl was fun and the commercials were a bonus! There was a Valentine's background on our work computer screens today and remarked to a co-worker that I liked it. She made a bah-humbug comment about the holiday and I said it wasn't about the day, it was about the color red! I have a 4-day weekend coming up this month - thank you presidents. And a non sequitur: I just correctly guessed the final Jeopardy question!! $26,400! Hooray for February!