Friday, January 17, 2014


Eventually Buzzfeed is going to run out of articles to write about Mean Girls, Justin Bieber, and Beyonce. Oh, and Ryan Gosling. And corgis. I don't know when. It could be in 2015. It could be in 2020. But people will eventually get tired of it, and move on to the next big time waster.

I am totally guilty of reading Buzzfeed. I have several friends who are above reading "listicles" but I am not one of them. I get bored, I hope over to Buzzfeed for a few minutes. And the quizzes? I can't get enough of them. So far I've learned that I should live in Cape Town, and as far as Muppets go, I'm Gonzo. Oh, and I'm Rosario from Will and Grace, and Anna from Downton Abbey.

When the well runs dry, or people start going to the new big time-wasting website, here are my ideas for articles that will keep the clicks coming to Buzzfeed: 
14 Reasons you're your own grandpa
21 Animals you never knew were dating 
10 Times your computer felt sorry for you
Quiz: Who are your real parents?
The secret season between spring and summer that only these people know about!
The funniest autocorrects of 1982
Kim Kardashian gives Ellen illegal butt injections
7 Ways to get out of going to CPR training
3 Ways to save a life when you don't know CPR
Preschoolers rate the best and worst episodes of Breaking Bad
Which Shirley Temple character are you?
Quiz: What's your blood type?
10 Victorian novels only 80's girls will understand!
Quiz: How'd you get that urinary tract infection?
8 Love letters you should never write
10 Times you wanted to punch Bradley Cooper in the face
15 Ways to get Sandra Bullock to adopt you
Quiz: What kind of fig newton are you?
111 Times Justin Bieber tried to illegal cross the border into the U.S.
15 Ways to spell Zooey Deschanel's name
Date night ideas to keep your Bromance alive
Kris Kardiashian's secret great, great grand daughter
Quiz: What's up with your leg?
How George W. Bush's etsy shop is keeping him busy these days
1,000 Reasons to love the Back to the Future trilogy (part 1)

Do you have any to add?


Melanie said...

Umm... I love all of these! I love buzzfeed. You're so clever!

Sara said...

Buzzfeed is going to steal your bromance date ideas idea.

Melanie said...

I just saw this:

heather said...

HAHAHAHA! Omg, your list is too awesome, nothing I could come up with would be anywhere near as funny.

Katherine said...

Seriously, sooooooo good!!!!!!! I want to waste time reading ALL of these.