Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Strange Addiction

Last night around 10:00 I had a battle with the TV. I turned it off, telling myself it was time for bed. But then I turned it back on thinking I would just keep it on for a little while I got ready for bed. Next thing I know, I'm getting sucked into a crazy tv show called "My Strange Addiction." I had heard of this show before,  but this was the first time I'd ever seen it. It is...not a show I'd recommend.

This particular episode focused on two people: a 20 year old man who is in an intimate relationship (non-sexual) with 15 inflatable beach toys, and a young mother who is addicted to black market butt injections. At the time they filmed this episode, she had received more than 50 injections. She would just meet up with a woman in a hotel room and get injected with who knows what!!!

The more I watched, the more my face did this:

At this point, I texted my friend Jesse, who I was making plans to hang out with before he heads back to LA, and warned him to prepare himself to hear a lot about this show when he sees me. This is what he texted back:

The thing about the show is that it was sad. What it came down to is that the young man has a hard time trusting and connecting with humans, and the young woman has extreme self esteem issues. Overall, I felt sad for both of them. It was also disturbing to see scenes like this:

I mean, is it a joke? Did he allow the cameras in because he believes the relationship he has with these inflatables is real? Or is he just messing with us and the producers of the show? I'm not saying people don't have strange addictions, I just wonder about the people who are on this show. And I wonder about the ethics of making such a show. Is the point for us to laugh at the people, or to learn about mental health problems? Maybe the point is just to give the viewer a shot of self esteem because I mean, I might have my problems, but at least I'm not dating an inner tube.

If I had a strange addiction, my first thought would not be to let cameras come into my home and film me making out with an inflatable giraffe.

Here are some titles of some other episodes of My Strange Addiction:

Drinks nail polish/Ear digger
Eats cat food/Smells mothballs
Eats couch cushion/Furry
Dating my car/Baby powder addiction
Drinks gasoline/Smelling her dolls head

I won't be going back to watch any more episodes, that much I know for sure.

Have you seen this show? What's the weirdest show you've seen?


Katherine said...

Yikes. I don't know how I feel about these types of shows, either. I watched one episode of Hoarders and never went back - it's too upsetting!! Are we supposed to feel better about ourselves after watching something like this? I feel more sad than anything. And I also wonder about the people on these shows - why in the WORLD did they agree to be filmed?!?!?

Diane said...

I totally agree with Katherine!

violet50 said...

Let's go back to The Andy Griffith Show or The Dick Van Dyke Show or Who's the Boss? I'm so not a reality show fan. And that sounds like the worst!