Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts

This little blog of mine has been sadly neglected lately. It's not my fault though, it's the fault of the polar vortex. I've been stuck inside, without computer access, catching up on Full House and Saved by the Bell.

I recently read the Laura Ingalls Wilder book, The Long Winter. It chronicles the insanely cold winter the family endured when Laura was a teenager. Because of the nonstop blizzards and freezing temperatures, the women were stuck inside for months. Laura describes her mind as getting increasingly fuzzy in this time.

While stuck inside 80% of the time this past week, I thought about that. The Ingalls family had extremely little by way of entertainment. Pa's fingers were too cold to play his fiddle, which was a major bummer for Laura. They didn't have books or magazines. There was no mail because the train wasn't able to get through because of the snow. It goes without saying that there was no tv or internet or telephones. They sewed and resewed the same things, they ground wheat to make bread, and they worked on keeping the fire alive. And then they did it all again the next day.

Can you imagine? I, and many of my friends, have been complaining about how "bored" we are. And how tired we are of Netflix. I'm trying to imagine the Ingalls family watching Netflix. Actually, I don't think either Ma or Pa would approve of it. But if they did approve, the family would have been content for the entire long winter.

I'm wondering what shows they would like...? What do you think?

In other Wednesday Thoughts, this is my "birthday week," according to blogger protocol. If you blog regularly, you are supposed to call the week leading up to your birthday your birthday week. Pretty sure people are supposed to buy you a lot of cupcakes and stuff. You guys are falling down on the job. I'm thinking about calling this my birthday month. Or maybe I'll just go with birthday year?

Lastly in Wednesday Thoughts, a friend of mine has been trying to get me to do that trick where you throw boiling water outside and watch it turn to snow. My friend lives in Arizona so he doesn't get to do these types of dangerous experiments. I thought about doing it for about one minute. Then I realized I'd somehow end up spilling or throwing the boiling water on myself and scrapped the idea. (I just read an article saying that this actually happened to many people, so my fears were not unfounded.)

Have any of you tried this? Or any other winter experiments, like freezing bubbles?

Happy polar vortex Wednesday!


Brady said...

My brother-in-law burned himself pretty badly pulling the boiling water stunt. :( I wouldn't recommend it without adequate safety procedures.

violet50 said...

I think the Ingalls family would like the commercials. All of the things that we have to make our lives easier. Like a microwave or hot pockets or hot pockets right out of the microwave. My winter trick is to not burn my tongue on my hot chocolate. The key is having enough marshmallows. Homemade are the best! (hint)

Katherine said...

My winter experiment is to see if I can make it through without falling into madness... I got really bored on one of the snow days this week and watched some TERRIBLE stuff on Netflix. I started one or two movies and quickly stopped watching them when I saw how bad they were (plot- and acting-wise). It's a hard knock life for us...? ;) I think the Ingallses would like the show Little House on the Prairie... ;) (See what I did there?) Also Walker, Texas Ranger. And My Little Pony.