Monday, November 4, 2013

Treat Yo Self

Now that it's November, I am legally allowed to talk about Christmas. Not toooo much, of course, or the "wait until December police" will arrest me. But it's now legal for me to mention it, at least.

I've been doing a little Christmas shopping here and there since July. As we all know, one of the most stressful parts of Christmas is the shopping. Whether it's finding the right gift for that impossible to shop for person*, or the financial strain that comes with buying lots of gifts, it's hard on most everyone!

I have been taking stock of what I've bought so far and what I still need to buy. Having done so much shopping before, I'm feeling fairly relaxed about it. But there's one person I'm wondering if I should shop for: me.

In the past, I've occasionally bought myself a little something for Christmas. Nothing overly expensive, just something I know I'll like: a book, an article of clothing, a DVD, a baking utensil, or something in a similar price range. I don't wrap it or anything, I just buy it and enjoy it. But between me and myself, I know it's a Christmas gift and not just another purchase.

Do any of you buy yourself a little something (or big something) for Christmas, or am I alone in this?

*I'm talking about dads, of course. Or men in general. What do men want for Christmas? I have no idea. It's one of life's great mysteries.


Katherine said...

I LOVE that episode of Parks & Rec!! I TOTALLY treat myself at Christmas. Like you, it's never anything huge, just something small that will make me smile. I like buying an ornament or two each year, too, to add to my tree. Also, I NEVER know what men want. Well, our brother's sort of easy since he likes nerdy stuff, but Dad? Uncles? Male cousins? Forget it.

Kristen G. said...

haha Tom Haverford never fails to put me in a good mood! :)

I've already been busted by the Christmas police a couple times... I made the mistake of buying a Christmas wreath from Salvation Army on Saturday and walking up to my house with it in plain sight... I'd meant to put it up on the door covertly, but one of of my roomies cut me off at the pass!! haha. I shall bide my time till after Thanksgiving! (or will I? *evil laugh*)

It's soooo important to treat yourself! A Christmas present to yourself is a great idea... I can't wait to see what I get myself this year ;) ha. Have a good week, Elizabeth!

violet50 said...

My present to myself is going out to see movies, which I love to do but rarely make the time. I want to see Enders Game and probably won't wait until Christmas but there will be others to see then.

Liz said...

I too have started my Christmas shopping. You really need to check out this site, especially look at the barbie head bra

heather said...

I always have to buy myself something! Stores have such cute things out for Christmas. One year I bought myself a pair of boots, last year I bought myself the mascara gift set from Sephora.