Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hep Alien

Warning! This post contains:
*embarrassing facts about my music taste
*80's glam rock pictures/references
* lengthy discussion of the band "Skid Row" and more importantly,
*a brief history of Sebastian Bach

On my way home from work yesterday, I heard the Skid Row song, "18 and Life" on the radio. I hear this song on the radio a lot considering it came out a million years ago (20?). And of course, I always rock out to it when it's on. I can't decide which Skid Row song is better to rock out to - that one or "Youth Gone Wild" or maybe even "Monkey Business"?

Weigh in, if you have an opinion (and if your opinion is that Skid Row sucks, then amscray). You may have to listen to all three before you can decide. I'll give you a minute. 18 and Life, amiright?

Anyway, as I was turning the volume up and rocking out, I was thinking about the lead singer of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach, and how I thought he was so hot back in the day. So I texted my friend Jesse about it. Not because Jesse would agree (he's a heterosexual man), but because he's my go-to friend for rock music references.

I googled a picture of a young Sebastian Bach for reference and had a serious "What in the...." moment. He looked like a girl!!! I had forgotten about that "glam metal" look of the time!

So many feelings

Here are a couple of the textversations yesterday (and one this morning) I had with Jesse about it.

What Jesse doesn't realize is that I am nowhere near done sending him pictures of Sebastian Bach. (I never said it was easy being my friend.)

I think the reason I forgot what Sebastian Bach used to look like is because the last time I saw him was when he was in Lane Kim's band, Hep Alien, on Gilmore Girls.

Much more manly. (Side note: I miss Gilmore Girls. And I'm still not ok with any of the guys Rory dated. Except maybe Jess.)

Have any of you ever looked back on your early crushes and thought "what was I thinking..."!?


Mark said...

Youth Gone Wild is my favorite. Lots of energy and both guitars get a lead break. Sebastian Bach was a pretty boy, but big enough to kick the butt of anyone who said so.

Elizabeth Downie said...

For real - I read that he is 6'5"!

Julie Tarbush said...

Yep hot, the "18" song....yep still hot. Terrible at flashbacks, think mine is broken or something. Radios do help with that sort of thing. Thank you for sparking my flashback memory.

Brooke Romney said...

Gilmore Girls. Totally wanted to move to Stars Hollow and be best friends with them.

Melanie said...

I had no idea Gil was already famous!! This made my day! I love Hep Alien. I use quotes from Gilmore Girls in everyday life and no one has any idea that my wittiness is not my own ;)

Savd said...

This was an excellent post! Metal band throwback, Gilmore Girls, and a text war...trifecta! :)

Katherine said...

I LOVE him on Gilmore Girls!! He was so good!! And I also love rocking out the 18 and Life - so ridiculous (-ly awesome).