Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

When fall starts to get darker and colder, it always reminds me of the 70's. Mind you, I was barely even alive in the 70's - I'm actually quite young (I sort of ruined that by admitting to being alive in the 70's, didn't I?). Maybe it's just because of the color palette - brown and green were really popular colors for home decor at that time. But for whatever reason, when it starts to look like this outside:

I think of the 70's. I think it's because of this picture of me as a baby, outside in the late 70's. This is one of my favorite pictures of myself as a baby because of how my parents look. So groovy I can't even stand it.

With my mom and dad, fall of 1970-something

Or maybe this picture of me in the fall in the 70's, surrounded by leaves.

Or this one with my cousin.

Check out my coat. Pretty groovy, huh?

I feel like most of my outdoor pictures from my early childhood were taken in the fall. Walking down the street looking at the colors, I think of these pictures I've seen from my childhood, and I get Simon and Garfunkel songs in my head. Probably because of the time change. "Hello darkness, my old friend." That's usually the first line that comes to mind.

And for good reason. Now that we've "fallen back," the sun is setting on my drive home from work. It's not my favorite. But we'll get through it together, ok?

Happy Wednesday!


violet50 said...

Ha! Hello darkness... funny! You also put pictures of snow-covered places around the world on your fb page. Now THAT was cruel.

Wee Sisters Three said...

This could be my favorite post yet. That's all I have to say about that.

Katherine said...

HA! GOB! Yeah, getting dark at 5:30 is ROUGH. I'm not sure I'll make it through this winter without a trip to the Bahamas or something. I'd better work on getting onto a game show or something so I can win one. Love all of these old photos!!!