Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Seussical, The Musical

This weekend, my niece was in a musical called "Seussical, The Musical." She played one of the "Who's" in the chorus. She's been rehearsing for months and did such a great job! She was adorable with her "Who" hair:

I went to see the play Sunday afternoon. Because everyone in my family had been to see it earlier in the weekend, I asked my sister, Heather, if her younger kids would like to go again so I wouldn't have to go by myself. She said she was sure they would, and she was right! When I pulled up to their house, the kids were watching out the window for me and immediately came running out their front door carrying their car seats. I was glad they were so enthusiastic about seeing it again!

We got there pretty early so we sat in the theater for about a half hour before it started, just chatting and watching the screen where they projected fun facts about Dr. Seuss, including the fact that he wrote one book for adults called, "The Seven Lady Godivas." They showed the cover of the book on the screen:

Imagine seeing this pop up on the screen when you're sitting next to a six year old boy. He started giggling and I struggled not to join in. He saw my struggle and started giggling harder. Then he asked me, "What do you think of that bum in the back?" Trying to teach a lesson about making fun of overweight people, I said, "I like it as much as the others." Then immediately realized that is not what I meant. I mean, I didn't "like" any of them, necessarily. I don't know what message I ended up sending him, but I don't think it was the right one. Probably that I'm into butts.

In another similar incident, he said to me, "I have to tell you something kind of funny. A boy in my class, Kevin, signed up to be..... a cheerleader! He's a boy!" His giggling made me start to giggle, but I stopped myself and said, "I hope you didn't tease him about that." He assured me that he didn't, and I changed the subject before I could start giggling again at his giggling.

Here's me with the kids. The 5 year old sat on my lap the entire play. It was pretty funny because she couldn't resist dancing throughout most of the play. And she preferred if I bounced my knees to help her really move. When I stopped, she'd pat my knees to get me bouncing again, like I was a horse.

My nephew roped me into scratching his back for most of the play too. Every time I'd stop, he'd give me a "look" and point at his back, indicating that I should get back to work. Ha!

Here are the three of them after the play:

It was a very fun day and those kids just make me laugh so much. On the way there, my nephew told me he was "excellent at counting by 5's" then proceeded to show me. My littlest niece listened then said, proudly, "he's really good at it!"

And my little Who niece did such a good job in the play. I never would have had the courage to do something like that at eight years old. I was a very proud aunt!


Wee Sisters Three said...

Oh my goodness, That is so funny. Where to start:
* Ethan loves having his back scratched, sorry. I should have warned you that once you get started there is no stopping.
*Samantha and her sitting in your lap, so cute.
*That Bum book! Crazy. I had no idea. I'll have to ask Ethan about it. He'll probably start giggleing again.

Thanks for bringing them. They had a blast and it meant alot to Paige to have you there. She had a lot of fun doing it so I think it meant a lot to her that people made it a priority to come and see her.

Melanie said...

Well, it worked for Sir Mix A Lot... :)

Brooke Romney said...

What a great aunt! What a cute blog! I will have to follow it. My kids would DIE if that photo popped up too :)

lizzie mc.- said...

What a delight, you are an amazing Aunt...even if you like butts. :P

MaleMormonMind said...

Dr.Seuss quote of the day, "Adults are obsolete children, and the hell with them."

Sara said...

Being an aunt is the best! You can gently guide them without any heavy duty disciplining. I had a great weekend with my nieces too!