Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Birthday Party

My youngest niece is turning 5 on Monday. So yesterday, we had a party for her. I made the cake, which I used my new Pampered Chef pan for - it was a first for me: a Barbie cake! Here's Sammy with the cake:

I might do it differently next time, but I feel proud of my first effort. Though as I was putting it together, a thought passed through my mind: are we teaching little girls to jump out of cakes? (haha)

Sammy is such a little sweetie. She was so happy throughout her birthday party. I played tag with the kids before the party started, since I got there early to help set up. It always surprises me when kids ask me to play tag. I just think, "do they not realize that tag isn't much fun when you're old?" Us adults only run for torture/exercise. We don't chase each other for fun. But I played. And I WON. (Picture the Grinch yelling" I'm the winner! No child can beat me!") It was actually super fun.

Some of you might remember the time my nephew and I went on an aunt date and unintentionally dressed alike. Yesterday I wore that shirt for the party, hoping for another coincidence, and look what I found when I got there:

He told me he wants us both to wear these shirts to his birthday party too. Some day he's going to be embarrassed by this idea, but thankfully at age six, he's not there yet. And I'm loving every minute of it.

Here's a little pic of Sammy and me. I just love those that little pixie!

Here's my attempt at Lego brownies for the party:

If there's one thing I love, it's a good party. And it was a super fun party. Happy birthday, Sammy!


Katherine said...

It WAS super fun!! I love those adorable kiddies! They're so much fun! And great job on the cake and brownies. So good!!!!

Wee Sisters Three said...

It was fun. Thanks for everything. These kids love their aunts. Sam wore one odd her new dresses today and also bright shoe shine to v church to show everyone. She quietly reprimanded shoe shine fore barking in sacrament meeting too. I hear her whispering, "sshhhh. Shoe shine! We're in church."