Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

Last night I was at a youth activity at the church. We were making paper flowers for our upcoming camp fundraiser. In the room where we were working, there are three sections that can be sealed off by a sliding divider. Because it can be divided that way, there are three doors to the room, and it is a fairly long room. Last night we had all the dividers open, as we were all working together as a group. In the middle section, there was a table near the door with two plates of cookies on it.

Are you imagining it?

So, what happened next was one of the best things I've seen in awhile. There we were, working on making the flowers - laughing, talking, and focusing on what we were doing. Suddenly, someone throws a stool into the door by the table where I was working. Stunned, we all looked up to see what happened. Just then, a kid quickly comes in through the middle door, grabs a plate of cookies, and RUNS!

We were all so stunned, no one moved for a couple seconds. Then we came to our senses and several of the young women ran off after him. They eventually caught him and brought the cookies back. It turns out it was a six year old boy who was there for a boy scout meeting.

That kid is my new hero. A six year old came up with a diversion tactic!?!? Yeah, I know he shouldn't have done it, and it was "wrong" and stuff. But it was really funny. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.

The flowers turned out beautiful too and I can't wait to decorate with them for the fundraiser. It's so fun working with the youth!

Happy Wednesday.


Katherine said...

Hee heee!!! That kid was hilarious!!! And the flowers are beautiful all together like that. Can you just have them all on one table in the middle? :)

Mark said...

We have YMYW on Wednesday nights. Nearly every week I have to (get to) yell at one or more of the boys for trying to steal the girls' treats. At least I think it's their cookies the boys are after.

violet50 said...

First, the flowers are GORGEOUS! And I'm trying to come up with a profession for the boy. Bank robber comes to mind, but that's not really a profession. Magician? We haven't had any new magicians in a while.