Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

The other night I went to the movie theater with a friend to see a new horror movie, "The Possession." As always, it seemed like the previews would never end. One of them completely took me off guard though - a preview for sequel to the Liam Neeson movie "Taken."

A sequel!? Wasn't it pretty much wrapped up at the end of the first movie!? I leaned over to my friend and whispered to him, "wait - a second Taken!? Is Liam Neeson trying to infiltrate the sex trafficking ring in this one or something??" My friend's only response was, "you said sex trafficking."

I started giggling quietly every time the word "taken" was used in the preview, and it got me to thinking of possible titles for the sequel. This is what I've come up with so far:

Taken 2: Never BEEN more taken!
Took Two
Are You Kidding Me!? Taken Two.
I can't believe we went back to Eastern Europe.
Guys, for real this time. 
Never not taken.
I know it's hard to believe, but this time I got taken.

...starring Liam Neeson and the girl from Lost

I had another interesting experience before the movie started. Because it was a Monday night, there were only about six people in the theater. One couple was sitting two rows behind us. During the pre-preview commercials, the man of the couple got up to get some treats for them. When he left, the girl got my attention by saying, "psssst" until I turned around. Then she asked me, "is my hair sticking up in the back?" It kind of was, so I told her where to fix it and she thanked me.

Does this seem strange to anyone? Would you ask a stranger in the theater if your hair looked ok? I didn't mind it, but it would definitely be outside of my comfort zone to do what she did.

Lastly in Wednesday Thoughts, I thought I'd share with a you a few pictures I've taken in the last few days:

1. I saw these golf clubs resting against the wall at Washtenaw Dairy and liked the colors.
2. My cherry tomato plants are doing awesome right now!
3. The weather this week has been perfect and yesterday on a drive through the country, I had to snap a quick shot of the sun coming through the leaves.
4. A little self esteem project I'm working on. Don't we all need a reminder that we're good enough as we are right now?

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

Ha! I love those titles! I can't believe they've made a sequel. Wasn't the first one bad enough? Are they trying to see if they can make a movie that's worse?

Love those pictures! And the sentiment in the last one. It's true! But hard to remember sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

violet50 said...

I love the possible titles - so funny! And in the picture of the sun through the trees, you framed the barn in the background perfectly with the tree branches! You [we] ARE good enough now. Tomorrow we'll keep trying.

lizzie mc.- said...

Yea! I love your Wednesday thoughts, it's like living in your pocket. It fills me with warm fuzzies (okay maybe some of it is pocket lint). Sure makes me happy!

Heather said...

I would totally see the next Taken Movie. I have been in need of a good nap and break from children. SLOL (sleepily laughing out loud).(patent pending, btw)J/k I am tired....

My tomato's have gone CRAZY. I have been having a lovely sandwich with tomato every lunch all week. Love it.

nes said...

'Well take me once shame on you, take me twice? Well actually that's a good idea, let's film that'

elliespen said...

I was thinking, "Take My Wife . . . Please!"

Liz said...

Taken is about sex trafficking? Thanks for the spoiler alert.
Your hair always looks so good so maybe that girl just knew you'd be able to help her make hers look perfect.