Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Obvious Answer

You guys. HOW did I not think of this earlier? After I published my Wednesday Thoughts earlier, in which I talked about my ideas for the best name for the sequel to "Taken," inspiration struck and the answer seemed so obvious!

Producers of Taken 2, it's not too late to change the title to:

Am I right? I would totally see this movie! (And  by see, I mean rent from a Redbox. No way would I pay ten dollars for it.)


Katherine said...

I'd see that movie!!! You know, if it was on TBS or something. ;)

violet50 said...

THE perfect title! I love the movie poster! Very clever!

april millar said...

Hahaha. You are too funny, i love this!

Heather said...

Suddenly that movie is all I can think about. I NEED to see it.

nes said...

You are a riot! Seriously.

Nancy Face said...


I'm SOOO spoiled! My son works at a movie theater 3 minutes away from our house, and a big perk of his job is that he can go to movies for free and get BOTH of his parents in for free with him! YAY!