Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tour De Troit

On Saturday, I rode in the Tour De Troit - a 30 mile bike ride through the city of Detroit. Along with 5,000 other people, we enjoyed a gorgeous late summer day, winding through the city on our bikes. I went with my friends Sarah and Sara, along with Sara's husband and dad. We somehow managed to all stay together the whole time despite the crowds.

I love Detroit. So many people came out and stood on their lawns and cheered us on. One woman yelled out to us, "come out back afterward and I'll make you lunch!!" The police officers blocking the roads for the race clapped and encouraged us - and everyone was in great spirits.

A bicycle group who call themselves the "East Side Riders" rode along with everyone, blaring rap music and helping out when someone got a flat tire. They all have super fun, crazy bikes, as seen below:

That night I saw a movie called "Detropia," a documentary focusing on the decline of the middle class in Detroit, especially as concerns the automobile industry. The movie was filmed a couple of years ago when things were particularly bad. Though the movie was well done, and I'd recommend it, it was sad too and made things look pretty bleak in Detroit. I was glad I'd spent the day loving and enjoying the city. Here are some pictures from the ride!

Riding to the race from Sara's house

The start of the race - the abandoned train station

Biking through the Indian village


Sarah, on the bridge to Belle Isle (a park [island] in Detroit, larger than Central Park)

View of the city from Belle Isle

Nearing the end of the race!

Enjoying a post-race lunch of tamales, chili, and pizza! (Weird, I know.)

It was a wonderful day in (and about) the D.


violet50 said...

That train station is incredible! I wish there could be a way to renovate it. You have great shots of different parts of Detroit and Belle Isle. Thanks for the magical mystery tour of "the narrows"!

Katherine said...

Love it! I sure do love Detroit. People don't understand how great it is!!! Such an awesome city - thanks for the photo tour!

Amy said...

I saw Detropia at the Sundance Film Festival with a friend of mine out here in Utah. It wasn't my favorite documentary ever (though I enjoyed it), but I loved talking about Detroit afterward with my friend, who never been there herself. Love your pictures :). Your blog always makes me miss Michigan.

nes said...

no pictures of you on bike. how do we know you weren't on a segway?

Sara said...

I had a great time! Can't wait for our next fun adventure!

Liz said...

I love Detroit.
Belle Isle is bigger than Central Park. Ha! Take that NY!
Isn't that train station supposed to be haunted?
I do wonder though did you go back to that lady's house to have lunch?