Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Never

Have you guys ever played the party game "I Never"? It's pretty easy. Everyone sits in chairs in a circle except the person in the middle. That person says "I never...." then (obviously) states something they've never done. Anyone who has done that thing gets up to switch seats, and the person who was "it" steals one of their seats. It's a huge scramble with pushing and screaming (the way I play it, anyway). Whoever is left standing is "it" and has to say something they've never done before, and the game continues. 

So here's the deal, I thought maybe we could play a little blog version of the game! I'm going to tell you guys some things I've never done. If you've done any of these things, tell me which one you've done, then tell me something you've never done! 

Kinda like the party game, but with significantly less pushing and shoving. 

Here we go! I've never.....

* Seen The Goonies

* Been skiing (water or down hill)

* Cooked a turkey

* Seen Braveheart

*Had an older sibling

* Been on a road trip longer than 18 hours

* Been to Boston

*Seen Newsies

* Been married

* Been to a professional hockey game

* Broken a bone (larger than my little toe)

* Touched a snake

* Read A Tale of Two Cities

K, now it's your turn. Have you done any of the things I've listed? What have you never done?


Joseph Peterson said...

I haven't read a Tale of Two Cities (not sure I want to), seen Newsies all the way through, never been married, and never cooked a turkey. But for the rest I can a claim lay. Boston is must see. And Goonies, that's a sin, and you must remedy. :)

Katherine said...

I have seen Goonies, had an older sibling, been to Boston, seen Newsies, broken several large bones, and touched a snake. I'm assuming that for the road trip one you mean that the destination wasn't more than 18 hours away? I've never been on a road trip west of the Mississippi, ridden an elephant, been to a UofM football game (despite living so close my whole life), or had a major surgery.

Martha said...

Let's see: I've seen the Goonies (how did you escape that??), been snowskiing (just once), seen part of Newsies, been to a Sabres hockey game (close to the front, too!), broken a couple small bones, touched a snake and read Tale of Two Cities (you should read it!). I've also ridden an elephant :) and been on lots of road trips west of the Mississippi. No UM game for me either, yet--we should do that, Katherine! I have never been to NYC, seen the northern lights, or gone to a professional basketball game.

D said...

I have seen goonies, been skiing, cooked a turkey, been on a road trip longer than 18hrs, been to Boston, am married, seen newsies, and touched a snake. You will love goonies and newsies. I'm excited to show both of those to my boys. I have never lived in one house (or in one city) longer than 5 years.

Jeff Chase said...

How fun.

I have:
* Been skiing (water or down hill) [both]
* Had an older sibling [one sister]
* Been on a road trip longer than 18 hours [sturgis]
* Been to Boston [for interviews, but haven't seen anything there]
* Seen Newsies [multiple]
* Been to a professional hockey game [LA Kings]
* Touched a snake [probably?]
* Read A Tale of Two Cities [least-favorite dickens novel]

violet50 said...

I've never seen Goonies, Newsies, read Tale... or been to a hockey game but have done the rest. "I've never been to Spain, but I kind of like the music."

violet50 said...

p.s. Three Dog Night "Never been to Spain." Big in the 70's.

Wee Sisters Three said...

I have: seen the Goonies; Cooked a turkey, Seen Braveheart (arn't you Scottish, b/c I know I am? :)); Had an older sibling (duh); Been on a road trip that took longer than 18 hours (it took us 22 to get home from Disneyworld..oy); Been to Boston; (Who has not seen the NEWSIES?! Are we related?! I love that movie!); Been married, Broken several bones, and touched a snake.

I have NOT:
*Been outside the country (besides Canadia, which doesn't count)
*Been on an airplane. (I know, right?!)
*Been scubadiving (and thankfully never will since I have a hole in my sinuses and can't pressurize my ears)
*Been west of Wisconsin (seriously, I do go places....)

Savd said...

I've been skiing and on a road trip longer than 18 hrs, I've seen Braveheart and Newsies, I've been to Boston and to an NHL game, I've read A Tale of Two Cities and touched a snake, and have broken my wrist (you were there!). :) I have never been to Asia, taken a Greyhound bus, gone skydiving, or visited Mississippi. Those might go on my list of things to do next year!

april millar said...

You have never seen Newsies???? My whole reality of you has been flipped upside down.

Liz said...

Somehow whenever I play this game it always gets kinda dirty, and someone always gets hurt physically.

I have;
Seen Goonies, several times. I pretty much have it memorized
Been water skiing, and snow boarding(which is better than skiing)
Seen Braveheart, at least part of it.
Had an older sibling. It's not all its cracked up to be
Been on a road trip longer than 18 hrs. A few times, although I was by myself so it was kinda lame, in an awesome sorta way
Seen Newsies. Again, I have it memorized.
Been married, although part of the divorce settlement prohibits me from ever mentioning that.