Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Elizabeth, On Vacation

A lot of my friends have been giving me grief for going on so many vacations lately. I guess I sort of see where they're coming from. The last week of July, I spent in Ludington. Then two weekends later I went camping in the Upper Peninsula, then the next weekend, I was in Rogers City, Michigan, then this weekend I was in Ludington again.

In my defense, all of these vacations have been in Michigan, so it's not like I've been spending tons of money flying all over the place. But I will admit to being very lucky to be able to visit so many beautiful places.

I thought I'd share with you ten (ish) pictures from the past month or so of trips. The message these pictures send is: Michigan is beautiful. You should come visit. :)

1. Sunset over Lake Michigan, Ludington

This picture is not doctored at all. This cloud formation was the northern most part of Hurricane Isaac on Saturday. The sunset was so beautiful it almost made me mad. (Does that make sense?) People were pulling their cars over as fast as they could to get out and gawk at the sunset. It was truly breathtaking.

In fact, I took so many pictures of it, the camera roll on my phone looked like this:

2. A beautiful road in northern Michigan 

3. A waterfall in Rogers City (one of many)

4. Tahquamenon Falls, Upper Peninsula

5. White Fish Point (Lake Superior), U.P.

6. Mackinac Island

7. Lake Huron, Rogers City (Katherine posing)

8. Ludington

9. Dune buggy ride, Mears, Michigan. This was SO fun!

10. This is a view of the Upper Peninsula from the look-out point at Castle Rock. I'd love to see this view in the fall! The leaves have already started to change in northern Michigan, and it's so pretty.

So there you have it - a little sampling of some places I've been in the past month. It's so nice to have such a beautiful state to travel around. Can you blame me for being gone most weekends in the summer? 


Katherine said...

Sigh!!!! I love Michigan! Great photos!

nes said...


violet50 said...

It's a beautiful state! Thanks for your pictures!

april millar said...

Girl, you look GOOD on vacation!