Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Last night I went on an little adventure with my friend Sarah. Our friend Sara was supposed to join us, but she wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it. Sarah and Sara (who I refer to as "the Sara(h)s") and I go way back. All the way back to high school in fact. Since Sara moved back to Michigan a year or so ago, we've made it a point to get together as often as our busy schedules allow.

Here's a picture of the Sara(h)'s from our high school years. This picture is posted WITHOUT permission and they're probably going to kill me for posting it. (They haven't changed a bit since high school, except in the good ways - click here for evidence.)

This picture was taken on a school trip to Cedar Point and we were celebrating Sarah's birthday.... with Winnie the Pooh? No idea.

In the spirit of fairness, I will now post a picture of myself from around that time - my high school graduation. For some reason I can only find this picture where my eyes are closed. (Here is a link to an even more embarrassing picture of me.)

It was the 90's.

Anyway, for our adventure last night we had two things on the agenda: eat at Blimpy Burger for the first time (as I mentioned yesterday) and go to a Moth Story Slam, which is a program on public radio. Here's an account of our little adventure.

Part I of III
First we went to Blimpy Burger, which did not disappoint. Actually, that's a lie. It did disappoint because the fryer was down! No french fries? Not cool, Blimpy Burger! But the burgers didn't disappoint. I was totally intimidated about ordering because I've heard horror stories about harassment and humiliation by the cook who yells at you if you order incorrectly. But luckily that cook was not working yesterday and we had a good experience with the cook on duty. But then the strangest thing happened that proved to me that Blimpy Burger is a unique place. When they gave me my change, it contained a two dollar bill and a half dollar coin. What?! Is that even real money?

That's Sarah in the window!

A Blimpy Burger!!

Like anyone even knows who Jefferson is!

Part II of III
After that we picked up a paczki for Sarah since she had not eaten one that day (a near-travesty), then we went to a local used book store where Sarah found a very cool pop-up book in the art section! (This is called living on the edge, people. We're un-tamable!)

Part III of III
Then we went to the Moth Story Slam which was a very interesting experience. It was held at a bar called "Circus" which had a total 90's feel to it. It felt like a mix between The Bronze and the bar where Mike Meyers told his "Woman, Woman, Woman" poems in "So I Married an Axe Murderer". ("What is this, Cup-o-ccino!?)

Oh, and bonus: I ran into a coworker there who saw me and exclaimed, "Coworker!" as if that were my name. I'm 100% positive he does not know my name. And I have to admit, that thoroughly amused me. But anyway, the story slam was really cool. I'd definitely go again. The stories weren't as awkward as the ones I've heard on NPR - in fact, the first woman to get up to tell a story was about 85 years old and her story was awesome. She was a hit with the crowded room of hipsters and intellectuals (and me).

Now on to the next adventure.....suggestions?

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

Fun post!! Sounds like a really fun evening! And I like the pictures documenting it. Except for one that is also posted without your siblings' permission... Yeesh. Stupid bangs. I still can't believe you got a $2 bill back! :)

NOURNME said...

"Like anyone even knows who Jefferson is?" hahaha you got me good there Elizabeth Downie Jr.

violet50 said...

This post is funny on so many points - your references to "The Bronze" and "Axe Murderer", the pictures, and "like anyone even knows who Jefferson is". Very funny writing. And I can assure you that no one likes their senior pictures 10 years later. They might not even like them a year later. Hair and clothing styles change with the wind.

Sara said...

It was terrible to miss this! We'll plan something else fun soon!