Monday, February 6, 2012

Brain Happenings

I feel like I have a lot of things on my mind today but none of them are connected. I've thought about writing a blog post for each of these thoughts, but none of them really lend themselves to too much expansion. Especially the first one. I hope you can relate to at least some of these!

*Channing Tatum is the most confusing celebrity name. No one sounds sure of themselves when they say it. It's like they're always adding a question mark to his last name.

*I skipped the second half of the Superbowl last night (most of which I missed because I was playing games) to watch Downton Abbey. Between Downton Abbey and NPR, I'm worried I'm becoming a "type". Good thing I listen to classic rock in the car at all times to balance things out (unless I'm listening to NPR, of course).

*I saw The Artist last week and haven't been able to stop thinking about it ever since. It was such a good movie! Have you seen it? Would you see a silent film? I can't say enough good about it. Except that I think in addition to all the categories it's already been Oscar nominated for, it should also be nominated for "best smiles". Oh also, I got a new celebrity crush from this movie (though I shouldn't have to specify which of these three it is, I will: the man).

*I have a new favorite person to follow on Twitter lately (well, second favorite since Bridger is the funniest person on Twitter as far as I'm concerned). This new person goes by "Now I'm Worried" and uses this (presumably fake) picture:

Some of her "worries" include things like:

"Now I'm worried about Drew Carey getting fat again."
"Now I'm worried that I overfed my neighbor's fish and over watered their cactus and everything will be dead when they get home."
"Now I'm worried because I don't know who to call to get the knot out of my sweatpants. A handyman?"
"Now I'm worried because my tooth feels loose and it's Sunday."

When I first stumbled upon this Twitter account, I laughed till I cried (well, almost, anyway). 

*My sister showed me an optical illusion over the weekend. When I realized what it was, I got mad and said, "You know I hate optical illusions!!" She laughed and said, "I know, that's why I showed it to you." Then laughed in a very evil fashion. Am I the only one out there who hates optical illusions? They give me both a headache and a stomach ache at the same time!

Anyway, those are some of my thoughts today. The ones I feel like sharing anyway. What are some of yours?


alecia said...

mmmm...Downton Abbey :) We are obsessed with it.

Julie- The Great Lakes Girl said...

I knew I liked you! It's refreshing to find another young person who enjoys NPR.

Katherine said...

Mwa ha ha haaaaa!!!! I mean, that's too bad about optical illusions. I love them! I also love Bridger. AND The Artist - it was SOOO good! I keep thinking about it, too. I think I've blocked Channing Tatum out of my consciousness because of his (her?) name. Who the heck is this person and what the heck kind of name is Channing?? Snobby, that's what.

Liz said...

I still need to watch Downton Abbey (I know I'm like 3 seasons late) and I do want to watch it. But I have learned about a British show called Upstairs Downstairs, it's from the 70's and sounds exactly like Downton Abbey. So is DA a remake?
What optical illusion did your sis show you?