Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thank you, me lady.

Someone said that to me today. Where, you ask? Why, where else would someone say something like that? At the Renaissance Festival, of course!

If you guys have never been to a Renaissance Festival (which I will henceforth refer to as the Ren. Fest. because it's much easier and faster to type), I would highly recommend you get to one. The one in Holly is great. It's in a village specifically made for the Ren. Fest. and it is pretty impressive. I went last year for the first time, and made it a point to get back there again this year. It's running every weekend for the rest of this month, so you still have time!

Now, the Ren. Fest. isn't for the faint of heart. I should warn you, there are some bawdy performances (PG-13, I'd say), and a lot of barely covered bosoms. But if you think you can handle that, there are a lot of great things to enjoy at the Ren. Fest. Below are a couple pictures taken today. One is of Katherine and me in olde timey hats. The other is of the washing well wenches. I really hope you know which is which or I will have to be very offended!

Below are a couple more pictures. The one on the left is Emily and I eating only the most traditional of all Renaissance food. Of course I am talking about the giant pickle. I heard that Queen Elizabeth ate them at every meal! Earlier in the day, Emily had another traditional renaissance food item - the quesadilla. The other picture is of Joe and Katherine watching a completely fascinating show. Jen was with us too, but for some reason, I have no photographic evidence of that.

The best part of the Ren. Fest. is walking around checking out all the cool olde timey Ren. Fest. products, such as the shape shifting "illusion spinners" in the video below. I have it on good authority that these were hanging in all the castle windows during the renaissance.

The Ren. Fest. gives sort of conflicting information and ideas about what was actually available and used during that time, but it's a lot of fun and provides some great people watching. It's very impressive and probably a beast to organize. It was a blast today and I look forward to going again! I'll see thee next year, Renaissance Festival. (Please pretend I didn't say that!)


Katherine said... video! That's a great picture of the W.W. Wenches, too. Good times! I keep thinking about Daphne licking that bald guy's head...ewwwwwww!! But hilarious!

Emily said...

That was nasty...Those Wenches were crazy!!!

I love the Ren. Fest. I will definitely going back.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the yearbook idea. Emmy and I have many a laugh this weekend thanks to that.

The Leo said...

Geez, Lizzie (I know you love that), you get more beautiful every time I see you!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Thanks Najah! You made my day :)