Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hump Day!

Happy Wednesday! I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling fairly happy today. I got my car back, it's massage day at work (every other week a masseuse comes in and does seated massage - it only costs us $10!), I'm getting my eye brows done later today, then it's girls night with Sarah. It's shaping up to be a pretty good day!

Before I move on, I feel I should quickly say that although a couple of things in that paragraph make me sound high maintenance, I'm not. Contrary to what Justin says. I get my eyebrows done once every few months, and it's very inexpensive. But whenever I mention that I have an appointment for it, Justin always says, "Again!?!" And hints that I might be high maintenance. Do you guys think getting your eyebrows done is high maintenance? I always just tell Justin that not all of us can be naturally beautiful.

Girls night is what I'm really looking forward to. Sarah and I started a new tradition this year of getting together after a regular workout every now and then to veg out. Translation: we go to Subway to pick up some dinner, then we go back to Sarah's to eat while watching I Love Lucy episodes on DVD. Before we started doing this earlier this year, I don't think I'd ever seen an episode of that show all the way through. The funny thing is, the show is quite old yet because I discovered it so late, I felt I had to tell everyone how funny it is. They'd just look at me like, "yeah... I know. It's funny." I guess I'm the last person to find out how funny I Love Lucy is.

Anyway guys, happy Hump Day. Only two more days till Friday!


Kathy said...

I think Justin is trying to cover up the fact that everyone needs to trim back their eyebrows once in a while. Check out this picture I took of him:

Just kidding Justin. :)-

justin said...

kathy don't be jealous. there's plenty of time to grow your own unibrow before your high school reunion and, more importantly, the NKOTB concert.

Elizabeth I don't think you're high maintenance at all. maybe if you start dying your eyebrows. wait, you don't do that do you?

Christi said...

I agree with you that eyebrow waxing is a necessary evil. Lets just say the world is much better off without being forced to look at my Ernie-brow everyday!

Sarah said...

Why isn't anyone commenting on the greatness of Lucy's comedic timing? Or Ricky's awesome rants en espanol? Or Ethel's sarcastic wit? Or Fred's ridiculously high-waisted pants? Doesn't anyone else love Lucy?? :)

Katherine said...

I do! I love Lucy! ESPECIALLY Fred's ridiculously high-waisted pants. I've got to get me some of those... I also love Ricky's accent! Oh, Lucy.

P.S. That's a terrifying uni-brow. I'd rather be high maintenance than have a caterpillar on my forehead like that!!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yeah, I love Lucy night was great tonight. Lucy is just so out of control! Hilarious stuff. And yes, Katherine, Fred's pants are great!! ha!

Christi said...

This is a comment test. Sorry :)

JJF said...

I'm enjoying your blog. By the way, I just posted another blog. I know, two in one month, I'm outta control! You'll recognize the disastrous tales, but they end with a twist--a happy ending!