Monday, September 29, 2008

Colors and changes

I took this picture today and I just had to share it with you - I know the photography isn't the best (I took the picture with my phone), but isn't the color gorgeous? I am always amazed every year at the beauty of fall!

To celebrate it's arrival, I planted a beautiful mum this weekend and I think that I'll make some pumpkin cookies this week. And with October coming up in a couple of days, I am getting very excited for Halloween! Some things I'm looking forward to: watching scary movies, going to corn mazes, carving pumpkins (a personal tradition that I don't think has caught on with other people yet), wearing costumes, and of course, waiting for the Great Pumpkin. And even though I know people love it, I probably won't go to a haunted house this year because I just get too scared. I end up closing my eyes the entire time and holding onto the back of the person in front of me to guide me through, so it's a waste of money.

To make this October special, I'm going to try to carve the best pumpkin I've ever carved! Luckily I've set the bar pretty low in my life time, so it shouldn't be too hard to improve on past years. Still, I think this year I'll try do do a truly impressive pumpkin. Is it cheating if I use one of the patterns that comes with the pumpkin carving kit? I don't think so either.

Another goal: eat enough candy corns to get at least one cavity. This should only require eating about ten pieces. I figure, I pay for dental insurance, I might as well use it, right? Plus, it's good to have goals. Also, it's festive.


Jess said...

I used one of those pumpkin carving kits a few years ago and my profile of the Mona Lisa was amazing. Don't be ashamed to use it. I just realized you are not on my blog list. A thousand apologies. I hope now we can be blog friends.

Emily said...

I love the smell of buring leaves. Even though it's illegal to burn leaves in the city I still try to throw a few in the fire just so I can smell them burn.

Pumpkin carving kits are so not cheating. And I can't wait for your pumpkin cookies!

Katherine said...

I think you should replace your canine teeth with candy corns. (Porcelin ones, of course.) THAT would show true Halloween devotion.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yes Jessica, we can definitely be blogging friends! And maybe even real friends ;) You're on my list now too! Thanks for the comment!

Emily, I love the smell of burning leaves too! It's one of my favorite smells. I'll save some pumpkin cookies for you.

And Katherine, I'll get right on that ;)

Christi said...

Wow, you have a lot of fall related goals and I don't even have one. I'm feeling very inadequate right now. I better get on that!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yes Christi, you should really follow my example! I'll let you share one of my goals if it makes it easier - which do you want? Carving the best pumpkin ever, or getting a cavity? ;)

The Leo said...

The worst is holding on to the back of someone you don't even know in a corn maze! True story--I get scared, too! Great picture, by the way.