Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm feeling all fired up this morning. Like I just want to walk into a room like Frank Costanza on Festivus and yell, "I've got a lot of problems with you people!!" (Something I yell a lot even when I'm not angry - it's just a fun mantra.)

I'm not trying to be cryptic - there are just some things I can't talk about on here. Don't you hate that? When people are cryptic? It's one of the most annoying things about social media.

Things aren't that bad though. I'm not "so sad" and it's not a terrible day. I just got kinda worked up this morning over some work stuff.

But there are good things about today too  - like, I'm getting my hair done today. I love getting my hair done. The shampoo is the best part, am I right? And I'm having a cooking night with the Beehives (the girls from church) tonight. That'll be fun. Wild, I'm sure, but fun. And it's Wednesday! That much closer to the weekend. So today isn't a total bust, by any means.

I am pretty furious about the weather though. Not just annoyed. Furious. Will spring ever come? It will, right? It's come before. It has to come. It will come.

Whoa. This post is turning into therapy.

Tonight is the series finale of Psych and I am not emotionally prepared. Do you guys love Psych as much as I do? What will we do without Gus and Shawn? And Lassy? And Henry (I totally have a crush on Henry)? And the Blueberry? And Pluto? 

What will you miss the most about Psych?

Happy Wednesday!


Savd said...

Oh dang, I'd love to pull a Frank Costanza most days at work! :) And I can't believe Psych is ending...I'm actually in denial. The thing I'll miss most is how exhausted Gus looks every time he runs; oh, and Shawn's hair; and Henry's life lessons!!

Melanie said...

I'll miss fist bumps that explode (You know that's right!) and all the ridiculous names for Gus. The Blueberry for sure. You're not feeling the love for Jules? Obviously Henry is amazing. I can't tell you how devastated I was when (SPOILER ALERT) he got shot.

Elizabeth Downie said...

I do like Jules, I guess I just won't miss her as much as the others.

So sad!

violet50 said...

I HATE cryptic messages. One of my co-workers often posts them. I'll miss everything about Psych, like their on-going phrases: "You know that's right" "Did you hear about Pluto? That's messed up" "I've heard it both ways" "I don't have time for this right now" ..... Psych is my happy place to go when things are stressful. I just think about Shawn and Gus and the ridiculousness and relax.

Katherine said...

I agree with Ma - I'll miss all of the hilarious sayings and antics and handsomeness of Psych. It's the best!! I'm happy with how they wrapped things up, though. I wonder what Henry's gonna to with the office? Also, Frank Costanza saying that line should be on a button you can press when you walk into a room. I can hear it in my head and it's perfect!