Thursday, March 20, 2014

Slip and Fall Survey

"Your grandma broke her coccyx, Napoleon."

This winter I slipped and fell on the ice twice. Before this winter, I don't even remember the last time I slipped and fell on ice! Slipped, yes. Fell, no. Even this morning as I was walking down a hill, I started sliding on some ice. I locked my legs and just rode the ice down the hill like a surfer, hoping for the best at the end. (I'm still sliding down that hill - send help.)

The first time I slipped and fell this winter, I was shoveling. The snow was still coming down and there was so much ice under it that it was all very precarious. Still, I was caught off guard when I fell flat on my bum. Luckily my bum is well suited for this type of fall and I was fine.

The second time, I was rushing out to my car to get something, and I slipped and fell down on my knee. I was fine, just annoyed. And to make matters worse, two little girls were walking by and asked me if I was ok. So humiliating (but sweet).

So now that today is the first day of spring and we can start to laugh about how bad things were this winter (right....? Or is it too soon?), I want to know: how many times did you slip and fall this winter? Can anyone beat my high score of two?


Melanie said...

Only slipped and fell once. But this winter is evil. I woke up to snow and yelled, "What!?" at no one in particular.

violet50 said...

I like the picture of you riding the ice down the hill. The Fourth Street Olympics? I give you a 9.5. I think that we have slid [slidden?] our way into spring and need to start looking for those crocuses.

Katherine said...

As you know, I slipped and fell twice. Lots of bruises the first time, not so many the second. I was really cheesed off both times, though!!!!