Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I know I haven't been posting a lot, but I have been writing a lot of posts. I just haven't been posting them for whatever reason. Most of the time I just don't finish writing them. Sometimes the posts seem too weird or ornery. Here are some summaries of some of the drafts I have sitting in my draft folder. Hopefully this post doesn't become one of them.

Chatty Kathy - 
This is a post about how I've often been told I talk too much, or more gently that I'm a chatterbox. This post contains a list of random thoughts I just HAVE to get out. Thoughts like: Why do ghosts always hide in closets? Do they have any control over how transparent they are? If they do, just be invisible all the time, jerks. And Why do I always feel like I'm betraying Halloween when I say my favorite holiday is Christmas? Does Halloween care? Why do I care? There's also something about how I wonder if I'll ever be stabbed. Not that I want to be. This post kind of makes me look like a lunatic.

Fun with tweens - 
This is a post about working with the 12-13 year old girls at church and how I listened in to some prank calls they made at a party we held. Then I talked about things I did at sleepovers and parties when I was that age. And I how I always closed my eyes just in case when we played "Bloody Mary" in the bathroom mirror. I don't know why I didn't post this one. I think I just didn't think it was that interesting.

A Superbowl Story - 
This was the brief story about how I threw up during the Superbowl this year. It's an unfinished post for obvious reasons (it was gross and I knew I wasn't going to post it).

Things I heard in the dentist's chair - 
This was just quotes from the conversation between my dentist and her hygienist while I was having some work done on my teeth back in January. Snippets like:

"Have you seen commercials for the Lego movie?"
"That movie is truly life imitating art."
"I don't think I'll be seeing it."

For whatever reason, I found this conversation amusing.

An untitled post in which I renamed Downton Abbey because of how depressing the show became -
This post only contains three lines:

Downer Abbey
Downton No-bey
Dow-no Abbey

Nailed it.

Office Offenders -
A list of names for annoying people in the office. I didn't post this because I was afraid people at work would read it and identify themselves. Titles included: The Loud Cruncher, The Nose Honker, and The Hummer.

A REALLY LONG post about how I hated the weather coverage during the Polar Vortex
I didn't post this because it was super ornery.

Scary or not scary - 
I wrote this one around Halloween of last year and I don't know why I didn't post it because it's kinda fun. Maybe I just never got back to it. Anyway, it's a breakdown of (mostly) mythical creatures like werewolves and zombies and witches and whether or not I find them scary and why or why not.  I kinda like this one. I might post it.

Family Ties notes (part one)- 
This is from when I started watching Family Ties on Netflix. There's only like two thoughts in this post. Why I thought I would be writing more than one part, I have no idea. That show is so good though. I should go back to this one.

Ok, I think that's enough for today. There are plenty more drafts but this post is getting pretty long. Are there any on this list you'd like to see posted?


violet50 said...

I loved your names for Downton Abbey and your office nicknames. I think I need more about Doc and Marty. Get the girls to name a dance "Enchantment Under the Sea".

Sara said...

Dentist chair!

Katherine said...

I can't believe I haven't commented on so many of your posts!!! It's what I get for reading your blog on my phone. Anyhoo, I love these!!!! The Downton Abbey nicknames are PERFECT. And I would love to see more of these fleshed out into actual posts. So good!