Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to drive a person crazy

Sometimes I get bored. Then I remind myself, "wait... I have younger siblings who could probably use some tormenting."

Last week, my sisters and I were having a long conversation via Facebook messaging. A lot of it was about coupon codes, music, and the polar vortex. I only got really involved with it when someone mentioned Jackée in passing. You know, Jackée Harry from Sister, Sister?

From that point on, I became 100% invested in the conversation. But mostly I was invested in driving my sister, Heather, insane.

I started responding to the messages as Jackée. Jackée said the same thing I would have said, but she said it for me. And she said it with her unique Jackée twist. 

Below is a small sampling of the messages. 

After about three Jackée responses, I started to wonder if Heather was losing it yet. I told a friend, "I think she's starting to snap, but she's not there yet. I have to push a little harder." The friend I was talking to is an only child, and I think he was feeling grateful for that fact after hearing about what I was up to.

Aren't you sad I'm not your older sister?

Finally, I got the response I was looking for:


I could tell in her tone that when she said she was "on the brink" she meant she was past the brink. I'm not the only one who still loves messing with their siblings, right?


Wee Sisters Three said...

Lol. I love Jackee but she can become a bit much. All that 'tude in one person is something else.
I see a little of you in Paige sometimes. That older sister tormentor. Lol.

violet50 said...

I think you've heard my "Frito Bandito" story. But that was in retaliation for their torment. Yes, I did just justify it.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

From an oldest child (with four younger siblings): well done.

heather said...

Yay for tormenting siblings :) Loved your method too :)