Friday, February 21, 2014

Full House Without __________

After watching one of the best youtube videos I've ever seen yesterday, "Full House Without Michelle," (seen below)

my coworker and I had a conversation about which Full house character we would get rid of if we had to. Without much thought or debate, we both easily settled on Joey. Reasons:

1. "Cut it out" isn't funny now and it never was.
2. Did I mention his "comedy"? Painful.
3. The voice immitations. Over done. Popeye was not relevant in the 80's. Or 90's. Stop with the voice.
4. The sweaters. I don't understand them. Was he trying to compete with Bill Cosby?
5. His girlfriends. Remember that girlfriend who was also a "comedian" and had that SUPER annoying little girl voice? She totally took over Joey and Jesse's radio show that one day. She wasn't even funny! Maybe that's why they were compatible. (See #2)
6. I can't emphasis this enough: "Cut it out." No. I won't cut it out. You cut it out.

It's not like we hate Joey. We would just kick him out first.

Reason's Joey's ok:

1. That time he let Stephanie and DJ stay up late to see Tiffany live in Tokyo (though that had bad consequences).
2. Dave Coulier is from Michigan.
3. Good with the girls. And Comet.

I made some "Joey's sweaters" collages to remind you just how bad they were. This is just a small percentage of his awful wardrobe:

Which member of the Full House family would you get rid of if you had to?

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violet50 said...

I like Joey. He's that comfortable "every man" friend who it's nice to have around. He gives that unquestioning support and tries to cheer people up, even going with Step-on-me to her "bees" activity and running with an egg while wearing high heels. That makes him, in my opinion, a keeper. I'd get rid of Kimmy Gibler. Nails on a chalk board!