Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts

I have some Wednesday Thoughts writers block today. I feel like my thoughts are buried today. Probably under all the snow. It won't stop snowing.

I ate a Snickers bar earlier to "help" (with what, I don't know). But it wasn't enough. I need another. But I can't have another because I'm an adult and that would be irresponsible. Responsible adults don't eat two Snickers bars in one day. I'll just continue to fill my belly with air popped popcorn and diet Coke because that's healthy. That's responsible.

I just realized what this Wednesday Thoughts is going to be like. Stream of consciousness.

You know what I miss in the winter? Smells. I know there are still some smells available in the winter but not as many as in other seasons. The cold and snow deaden and cover all the earthy smells. And there are no outdoor festivals where you smell that combination of cigarettes in the distance and corn dogs. I know cigarettes are gross and I hate the smell of them up close, but I love that outdoor festival smell. And the smell of the fair with that farm-y manure-y smell and maybe some exhaust mixed in? Mmmmm, I miss it.The smell of people being together. Remember barbecue smells? And sun screen? And the smell of the lake? And sparklers?

I've been trying to figure out where I can smell some new and comforting smells lately and I'm coming up empty. Restaurants? Nah. They just smell like food. And while I LOVE food, that's not a new or unique smell. Hardware stores smell good and so do craft stores but they're still indoor smells. And they're only interesting in small doses. Gas stations - too cold. Much too cold. Plus, a little smell of gasoline is nice, but more than that and you might have a problem. I guess I'll have to wait until spring for more smells.

Gosh I sound like some kind of smell junky.

I don't have a problem though. I can quit whenever I want.

In other thoughts, I've been making some special Valentine's cards for you guys. Want a sneak peek? Here's one of them:

I think you're going to like the rest. I'll put them up in the next week.

Happy Wednesday!


violet50 said...

I totally agree with you about smells. The only thing I can suggest is the Botanical Gardens. I went there one time with Heather and her friend in the winter and it was like another world. It was a brief respite, but still a promise of things to come.

Sara said...

The botanical garden is a great idea!

Love the Valentine!

heather said...

I don't notice how much smells enhance the day until you don't really have them around. I love the smell of rain on pavement, that is one of my favorites :)